Squidoo Your first Lens-How To


What is a Squidoo Lens?
Squidoo is a social networking website that allows you to build Lenses that are basically a standard web page on steroids. With Squidoo you can build pages on any subject. You can build several pages on the same subject and link them together or just build pages on a ton of different subjects. Squidoo pages are really easy to build once you get the hang of it. There are a ton of fancy upgrades that you can do to your pages as you go along.

Simple Steps to a Simple Squidoo Page-Lens.
I built a page in Squidoo on how to make "Taco Salad for a Large Group" as a simple example for you to follow along my instructions on how to build a simple page. That page is http://www.squidoo.com/TacoSalad/.

My Steps explained

I signed up and signed on--Really simple.

I clicked on "Build a Lens."

I named my page "Taco Salad."

Then I clicked on "I want to get the word out on Taco Salad" This is the simplest way to start your page-oops they call them a lens.

When asked to "Pick URL" I put in "tacosalad" if you can use your title in the name of your page that is the best.

I clicked on "yes" my page is family friendly and "Food and Cooking" for the category.

I added Taco Salad as my best Keyword, then taco recipe, taco meat delight, best taco dinner. A keyword is a word or group of words people might use to search to find your website. Then you have to copy the security word and your first Squidoo lens page is started.

Next I put in "The Meat Recipe" and actually wrote the recipe. I added another text module and I moved the guest book module to the bottom of the page. I added more content to the second text module. Shortly I will add a picture or two to the page. I'm going to have to make my salad again so I can take some pictures.

Then I hit Publish. The first version of my page was done. You can come back at any time and spiff up this page or add more thoughts. If you have a website about food or anything it is really easy to put links in this page to your other website. Squidoo will automatically put ads on the page.

Squidoo Shares Money with You!
The Squidoo Way is like a Coop. Squidoo takes some of the advertising revenue generated by the site to run the site, gives some to charity and gives some to you. This is cool. The article submission sites are loaded with advertising around your articles but they do not share.

Squidoo gives your content Authority
When you publish on your own blog or website unless your site is already well established and well rated by the search engines you will not get much traffic. Squidoo pages get picked up quickly by the search engines.

Squidoo lets you do Almost Anything
Your pages do not have to follow a narrow format without pictures, or links or guestbooks. You have very few limits on your Squidoo pages. It is way simpler than building a website but it has many of the same advantages. You can sell stuff directly off your page, blatantly promote other websites, and a whole list of things I know nothing about. The advantage that keeps coming back to you though is that the pages you build will be much better rated and viewed by the search engines than they will be on your new blog or new website.

Squidoo Links work
The links you put on your Squidoo page add to the authority of the site they are linked to. For more information check out my other articles on web hosting. 

Squidoo Summary
With the freedom to build interactive pages and with the sharing attitude of Squidoo I believe they are the article submission website model for the future.  Why not get get to share some of the revenue you are creating by writing articles.

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