Site Build It

Ken Evoy Site Build and Rick C Kern 

My Site Build It story.

I had been on eBay selling parts for a few years but the margins are really low and I am always looking for a way to make money without being on a schedule.  Servicing my eBay account is an everyday thing when you are shipping out 50 to 100 items a week.  I have made some money at it and learned a lot but it is work.  I had tried building a website to sell my items outside of eBay.  I used Front page and "Frontpage for Dummies." I got almost zero traffic.  After a year I had sold almost nothing from my site.

I ended up on the SiteBuildIt home page.  I was reading along and I ended up clicking on the Site Build It Results page.  This page excited the heck out of me.  This page had all of these websites built with the Site Build It System and they were all in the top 1% for traffic.  Traffic is what the web is really all about.

I read every page on the Site Build It web site.  The moto of the Ken Evoy seems to be "Honest Over Delivery".   Every thing the company does is first class with the web builder (you) and your site in mind.  They give away some of the best books on article writing and websites for free.  The Netwriting Masters Course is an outstanding free online book.  They have a whole bunch of Free informational Site Build It Downloads.

I jumped in.  I built a website, yes it is still a work in progress.  I have written over 100 articles for my website.  My twefth month I made over $1100.  In the following 6 months I have had a month over $1300 also.  It has been extremely educational learning about the web.  I now know a lot more about how the web works.  

I have also learned way more about my subject than expected.  In researching the 100+ articles I learned way more than I knew.  It has been an awesome journey.  Site Build it and Ken Evoy the founder get two thumbs way up from me.

Rick  C. Kern