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Who should use Online Data Storage

There are many uses for online data Storage.

Anyone who has ever lost their possesions in a fire, tornado, flood, Computer Virus attack or any disaster can attest to the fact that they wish they had stored some of their data online.  Will online data storage guarantee that your data won't be lost?  Probably not but it gives you a much better chance of not losing your data. 

Any Business needs to have an offsite data backup.  It is really easy to automate the offsite storage of company data with the high speeds of internet access and simple software downloading.  This can be very inexpensive compared to trying to rebuild your business records after a disaster.  Even if you are insured, you need to have records to prove your losses.  It has been a catch twently two for many  businesses that they cannot prove exactly what was lost so they cannot claim it.

Digital Family Photos are a very simple item to store online.  I can guarantee that many people in New Orleans wish they had stored their pictures online before Katrina.

Online Storage is Cheap or Free

My first experience with Online storage was to find a place to store my photos for my auctions on eBay so I didn't have to reload them onto eBay every time I put up another Auction.  That was way back in 2002 and I hooked up with  When I originally signed up the free storage was room for about 75 pictures.  The free storage has grown continuously and now  you can store several hundred pictures for free.  The Folder option makes it really nice to Organize your photos into categories also.  The yearly fee of $25 is very reasonable for nearly unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Online Data Storage makes Sharing Easy

Many of the online storage companies make it really easy to retrieve your data.

 Tape Backup or Online Data Storage?

Online Data Storage is probably easier to restore critical data from than your tape, CD or DVD backup.

Test your Data Backup by restoring some of your data every month.  

If you depend on a human to backup your data regularly are they doing it?  Are they doing it as often as they are suppose to and are they testing the backup regularly?

The Backup routine must be simple.  Even if you are doing it regularly by hand it is really simple and cheap to setup and do it online.

Is the tape backup stored offsite or are they in a pile next to the monitor?

How many times does it take to learn?

I know you have lost data and probably spend many hours trying to recover it.  What will it cost you the next time.  If your business facility was totally demolished what would it take to get you back in business?  With all of your business data safe it would be much easier to rebuild your business.

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