How Tracfone Service Works

Buying and Using Tracfone Minutes to keep your Tracfone Service working.

I have a couple recommendations on how to buy Pay as you go TracFone Minutes.

You may purchase Track Phone cards anywhere such as Safeway, Wal-Mart, Staples, or K-Mart but I would suggest buying the cards at the web site for a couple of reasons.

Motorola Razr and Net10 Moto W375 on the Right.
Motorola Razr and Net10 Moto W375 on the Right.

Don't Buy TracFone Minutes Cards

Often at the Tracfone web site you can buy a phone and receive more minutes than if you purchase only a card. There is a special that Tracfone has run several times where for $20 you get two $20 phone cards and a free refurbished phone. If available is only in the Buy Phones section. If you are in the buy airtime section of the site you will always pay full price for the phone cards.

If you buy Minutes directly from the best deal is to purchase the $79.99 minute card for 900 minutes.

Do Not Activate a lot of Units on your Tracfone

I do not recommend putting too many TracFone Minutes on your phone for a couple of reasons. If your phone is lost, stolen or broken it is hard to get all of your stolen minutes on a new phone from Tracfone. For me when I have lots of minutes on a phone I use up a lot more minutes.  How Tracfone Service Works.

Do not buy the Tracfone One Year Plan

I do not feel the One Year TracFone Plan is a good deal for most people. Again if your phone is lost or stolen you will have a hassle getting Tracfone customer service to transfer your minutes and service time to your new phone.

If you use Tracfone Bonus codes and purchase your minutes on special you can get more activation time and or TracFone Minutes with the money than you get with the one year plan.

Only Buy a Tracfone with DMFL

Buy The Doubler Card on the phone, even if you only talk for 100-200 minutes per month you are still better off only buying a Tracfone with the DMFL (double minutes for life card included. The DMFL card will usually cost you $50 but when you purchase the Motorola W370 with doubler for $50, you will get the doubler for free. If you live in CDMA territory then you will be able to buy the LG 3280 with DMFL for $50.

If you are absolutely certain you will use no more than 70 minutes per month you might purchase one of the Tracfones without the DMFL. In most cases you are way better off spending a little bit more on a phone with the DMFL (double minutes for life).

Motorola W376, W370, LG 225, Lg 3280 with DMFL

The Moto W376g, W370 and the Lg cg225 and Lg 3280 phones now have DMFL (double minutes for life) available. The nicest phones available from Usually the price is the same as you will pay to add DMFL to your current phone. I recommend you buy the latest phone with DMFL included because you will benefit from using the nicer phone and you will get twice the minutes per dollar spent with DMFL.

Motorola Razr and W375.
Motorola Razr and W375.

Are You Using more than 400 Tracfone Minutes per Month?

If you will use over 400 minutes per month look closely at maybe getting a contract phone from Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile. The critical thing about buying a Contract Cell Phone is that you are with the carrier as most of your friends that you talk with regularly. My son often talks over 1000 minutes most months but has never gone over his 450 minutes because all of his friends are on Verizon and he has the free "In Network" calling. Buy an LG 225 phone at

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