How To Earn $10,000 USD or More From Article Marketing
Christopher Knight

Let me share a short, but true story:

Earlier this week, a new author sent in 15 articles to our article directory,

Those 15 articles received 400 page views within the past 24 hours.

Assuming that rate held constant, that author would receive 12,000 page views per month or 144,000 page views per year without lifting one more finger, not including the distribution potential of our site.

The average person clicks 3.3% on the resource box based on seed articles that we track the CTR (Click Through Rate), give or take .6% either way. Let's use 3% for easy numbers.

144,000+ page views annually x 3% CTR = 4,320 targeted clicks by someone who is already pre-qualified to be interested in your product, service or website because they just read your article.

Average CPC (Cost Per Click) ranges from .05 to $1.25.

Let's pretend that you buy clicks from your favorite PPC (PayPerClick) provider for $.40 cents per click.

Those 4,320 clicks that EzineArticles sent you for free just saved you (4,320 x $.40)= $1,728 USD.

Send in 30 articles, and you could be seeing $3k worth of FREE advertising or more.

My best example are the chart breakers like one of the health and beauty authors who sent in 35 articles and has over 212k page views in the last year. Recently a handful of authors received over 20,000 page views in their first month with only 3 articles that mentioned current events topics as part of their content. Your results may vary.

Which brings me to this question:

If you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you could get $10k-$25k+ in free advertising for 1-2 weeks of work submitting 85-200 articles, would you do it?

Average editor makes $10/hr. 100 hours of work would be about $1,000 in admin labor and I assume you already have the articles produced from your current archives that just need to be repurposed. Net result is about a $19k profit via the savings of not having to spend it to acquire sales via traditional online advertising.

Obviously, if you have to invest your time and labor to produce the articles for the first time, this adds to your cost... but most folks already have 100+ articles in an archive somewhere.

Should you stop PPC advertising now because of this? Absolutely not. Let article marketing supplement your targeted traffic buying campaigns, not replace it. For many entrepreneurs who have not started to buy advertising on a PPC basis, this is a great way to begin thinking about it.

Lastly, did I mention that your articles keep selling for you, day after day, month after month, and year after year? It’s true.

Get a plan together; submit 15, 150, or 1,500+ articles this month to the major article directories and specialty niche sites that accept your quality original content, and then sit back and watch your traffic results climb while your advertising expenditure budget gets a little relief.

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This article is another well written article by Chris Knight.  I agree with his logic and his numbers.  His website Ezine has just added more information for authors.  If you are an Ezine Articles author sign in and go to "Article Home."   Click on your "Page Views".   Now you get the number of URL Clicks that have gone to your website from your articles.  I find it really interesting some of my articles have a 25% referal rate to my website and others are almost nil.  I have studied the articles that refer well and I am trying to write more like them.  The article I have with the best referral ratio is also one of the best written  and most informative.  In the author box I mention that I also have pictures of the item I was describing on my webpage.