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What do you need to know to build a Free website with Google Page Creator?

Not much!!

First you must have a Google Gmail email account.

How to Open Google Free Web Hosting

Google Pages Web Hosting is still in Beta. I have two Gmail accounts. I found page creator when I was in my most

used account. I had been researching web hosting. In my gmail account I clicked on "all my services" at the top of

the page. I didn't find web hosting but I found "Page Creator". That is where you can open your Free Google web site. Each account is limited to 5 Websites.

Where is Page Creator

I couldn't find "Page Creator" in my second account anywhere. I went into my second account, I clicked on "all my services" and it was not there. I signed out and signed into my account that I had already started a website on. It showed up there. I went back to my other gmail account and tried again. It still was nowhere to be found. While I was still signed in I did a search for "Google Page Maker". Google Page Creator showed up ready for me to build my first page.

Tracfone LG 3280 and Lg 225

Your Google Name

Your first Free Google Pages Web Hosting site will be called


You can build a page and then you can create another site and name it anything you want except it will end in "anythingyouwant".

Building a page is Easy

I have never used an easier interface for building pages. It is really close to a basic word processor. The page linking is extremely easy also.

Googlepages Website Organization

As you build your site you need to develop an organizational scheme. If your website viewers can move easily clearly through your site your pages will get more traffic. There are a couple of directions you can go with this. You need an index page or site map. Many people initially will use their home page as their index. This works fine until you have ten to twenty pages in your site and then it is probably time to start a site map.

How to build a Site Map for your Googlepages Web Site

This sounds difficult but is really quite easy. It is about the same as building the index for a book. Organize your pages with links to them in groups and name the group. I have a sitemap for my Zbikenut Googlepages website that basically does that. When your group of articles gets too big create a site map page that just handles that section of your website.

You can build a couple of different site maps organized in different ways. If you have articles by several different authors you can build one sitemap organized by author and another sitemap organized by subject. When you get a bunch of articles from just one author you can build a site map of just that authors stuff. Anything you can do to help your visitor easily move around your website is a good thing.


Link, Site map, Link, Site map, etc.

Link all your pages back to your Site map and your home page. If you have multiple site maps link all your pages to all your site maps. In the Google webmaster tools article they state that about the most links you want on a web page is around 100.

I have a sitemap.html for human visitors and a sitemap.xml for the robots to visit.

Eight Days to Google Indexing?

I have built a few Googlepages websites. I recently built one and I was able to get the home page into the Google index in less than 8 days. I am certainly not a web Guru but I have chronicled my actions.

Ten Steps and Eight Days to Google Indexing

I will keep an update log on the progress of that website on the same page.

Google Pages Web Hosting to Home Page

Beginner HTML for Google Pages

Side note: Passion, Knowledge or Desired knowledge should be the basis of your website. If one of those align with high potential income, that could be a great web site  idea. 

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