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I have been searching on the net for the highest Googlepages PageRank.

GooglePages has been around for about a year with millions of pages.

I was excited when I finally found a page with a PageRank of 3. Then I found a bunch of them. If you have any pages that rank 4 or higher I will post them here for the fun of it.

GooglePages PageRank of 3 =3 =3 =3 =3 =3 =3 =3 =3 =3 =3 =0

GooglePages Rank of 4

Then I came across some pages with a Google PageRank of 4. =4
This Next Website is one of the best sites I have found on GooglePages. Check it out and improve your site. =4 =4 =4 =4 =4 =4 =3 now up to 4 =4

GooglePages PageRank of 5

And So Far the Absolute highest Ranking page I have found is a "5" I have recently found a couple more Pagerank Five Googlepages. =5 =5 =5

I don't know what this means but many of these pages are focused on Building GooglePages.

What is Google PageRank?

PageRank is the Heart of Google's system for ranking web pages. Google values a link to your page depending on how important (how highly ranked) that page is and how relevent to your subject the linking page is. You might check out Google's PageRank Explanation.

How do you improve the Google PageRank of your page?

That is the magic that every would be Web Guru want you to believe they know. Speaking of Web Gurus I have a Favorite Web Guru page. Almost all of them seem to agree on two basics Good Content and Good Links give you higher page rank. First you should Verify your website with Google.

How do I Verify my Website?

First off you need to get your page recognized by Google. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and Verfy your site to "My sites"

To add your site to "My sites" copy the address of your site into the "Add site: Box".

Then you need to "Verify your site" so click on "Verify your site" .

Then "choose verification method"

Pick "upload an HTML file" The other option is not available for Googlepages.

A Box with a gibberish bunch of letters and numbers will show up. Copy this "googlegiberish" and go back to your Page Creator. Click on "Create a new page" and copy the "googlegiberish" into the page title box. The page will open up for you to modify. Just Hit "Publish". Then go back to Webmaster tools and "Verify".

Links to your website

This is a sticky one for me. Every "Guru" says and even the Google webmaster advice says you need relevant links. The only links I know for certain how to get are from article submissions and from eBay and from other websites that I own. I have recently submitted several articles to EzineArticles and GoArticles. I don't know if it was from this or just the aging of my websites but my traffic jumped significantly a few weeks after I started submitting articles.

The Page Title in Your Page

Another basic premise of Google Ranking system system is that the page is tied together with your page title. In the case of this page---Googlepages PageRank-----is the title of this page this is also known as the page Keyword. You want to have it in your page exactly as you have it in your title except with spaces. Most experts say about once for every 300 to 500 characters. You want to have it in your Title --h1tag-- and you want to have it in a outbound link on your page. If you notice the link below I use the title of this page to link back to the home page of this website. You can overdo it also. If you have your title too often in the page the page will not rank as well.

Eight Days to Google Indexing?

I have built a few Googlepages websites. I recently built one and I was able to get the home page into the Google index in less than 8 days. I am certainly not a web Guru but I have chronicled my actions.

Ten Steps and Eight Days to Google Indexing

I will keep an update log on the progress of that website on the same page.  Rick C. Kern

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