Favorite Web Guru


Who is my Favorite Web Guru?

Ken Evoy,  Harvey Segal,   Keyword Country are just a few to start with.

Site Build it

How do I sum up Ken Evoy and Site Build it.  First let me state I am a huge Site Build it Fan.  I would say his mantras are  Overdeliver and Build Content.  If you follow his teachings you will be successful.  He offers several Free Writing and Website Building courses.  His whole system is completely set up to help you build a website that gets great organic seach traffic.  Any direction you want to take with your website from Sitebuild it they will guide you.  In the two years I have been associated part time with Sitebuild it they have continuously added value to their outstanding website building system.  Click on this link to Site Build it

I would Highlly reccomend downloading the Free 
Affiliate Masters Course.  If you have any thirst for knowledge about the web this free Book is Huge. 

Site Build it offers many Free web marketing and writing books.  These are outstanding.  The Work-at-home-Mom book is excellent even if you aren't a mom.

The Netwriting Masters Course is not like high school English.  It is clear concise and very educational.

Check out the Results page for Site Build it shows a large group of websites built that are in the top 1% of websites on the web.  The page is huge and just shows a sampling of the thousands of successful websites built with Sitebuildit.  This page actually turned the corner for me and totally convinced me that building a high traffic profitable website is possible by anyone.

This Really Simple SBI Slide Show is a great way to get a quick taste of Site Build it. 


 I am building a couple of Sitebuildit sites.  I have worked very part time on my first one for the last year and it is doing very well.  I had my first over 700 visitors one day last week in the fourteenth month of my website.  I had my first over $1300 profit in my 12th month of my websites life.  This is really fun.  My first few months I was excited when I had my first day with 20 people through the site.  If you keep adding content and build pages the way Sitebuild it teaches you your traffic will grow. 

Harvey Segal

I would sum up Harvey Segal as the Clickbank Master of the Web. He is also a Favorite Web Guru of mine.  He will inundate you with free or very inexpensive information.  His latest creation Ultimate Supertips has many of Harvey's brilliant ideas.  I cannot believe the amount of information that he has included in these Free ebooks.  Harvey Segal's Free Ultimatge SuperTip.   I have learned a bunch from Harvey.  I am in the process of writing two different E books but as yet haven't finished them.  This is one of his main recommended strategies is to write informational E-books that you give away with affiiate links built into them.  This system can work very well.