It is easy for even the Beginner HTML user to make their pages look better. HTML is an acronym for a batch of words that do not make much sense to me. Hyper Text Markup Language.

Simply HTML is just a way of telling the computers of the world how to display your page on the screen when a computer is viewing it.

Several of the commands are very simple.

HTML commands are always enclosed??? in < >. They usually consist of an opening command < > and a closing command </ >.

When normally viewed in your browser the HTML command disappears and the command changes what shows on the screen between the opening and closing commands.

For instance to make the words between the commands Bold you can use the Bold <strong> command. When you want the Bold to stop you use the closing command </strong>.

The Bold look is great.

<em> </em> is the italic command.

The Italic look grabs attention.

<br> is a line break. You do not use a closing command with the Line Break command.

<br><br> is a double line break and is often used to give your article a little space. Many people use this to start a new Paragraph.

<p> </p> creates a double line break before and after your Paragraph.

<h1> </h1> is the Large Heading HTML Command and creates very large heading. All of the heading commands also create a double line break in front and behind the words you have between the commands.

The H1 Heading Command

<h2> </h2> <h3> </h3> <h4> </h4> <h5> </h5> are smaller HTML heading commands.

The H2 heading Command

The H3 Heading Command

<font size="3">Font Size 3</font> makes your font larger. Font size 1 or 2 or 3 are the same size as Heading 1, 2, 3 but without creating the space around the words.

Font Size 3 makes your font larger.


Spacing between lines can be changed by either hitting the [Enter key]

for a double space. Hold down the [shift] key and the hit [Enter]
for just a single space. This is true with many word processors and webpage builders.

The Beginner HTML commands are quite simple and you can easily spiff up your pages and make them more apealling and easier to read.

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