Factors that will help you succeed:

    • Generous Marketing Plan backed by a "blue-chip" company with over one and a quarter billion dollars annual turnover worldwide, and more than one billion dollars of assets.
    • Superb Products in one of the fastest-growing consumer sectors - Health and Nutrition. Forever Living Products natural health products from the Aloe Vera plant and from the Beehive are famed for their quality and effectiveness.
    • Total Commitment to the Bizness . Forever Living Products has been established for over 30 years and turnover exceeds 1000000 INR per year.
    • Tried and tested "blueprint" for success - if you plan your path through the Forever Living Products Marketing Plan with the help of your Sponsor, and then put in the time and effort required, you will attain your goals. Remember that your success or not is proportionate to the effort you put in. If you are looking for a Get Rich Quick scheme then look elsewhere, only look further if you feel that you are prepared to commit yourself for yourself.
    • Excellent Training Programs - a wide range of training opportunities are run all year round, some locally, some nationally. None costs more than £20 for a day, very good value. 

Key Benefits to You

    • You are in total control of your life. Personal development and enhanced lifestyle are some of the extra benefits you can look forward to as you develop your business.
    • You will have access to training in all aspects of the business and the products, and a level of support second to none in our industry (Forever Living Products has gained Investor in People recognition for its training and support programs). You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself.
    • You set your own goals to achieve your personal aspirations - you are not trying to please others by fulfilling their goals. You can earn what you feel you are worth, and your rewards are commensurate with your efforts.
    • You work the hours that suit you, at the times of day that fit in with your lifestyle - and the more hours you put in, the more wisely you work, the greater the rewards. Also you work from home, so you have more time with your family.
    • Ultimately you can achieve financial freedom for yourself as long as you live - and in perpetuity for your family. It is possible to create a residual income in much the same way as Paul McCartney still gets paid for songs written 40 years ago.

Why is Forever Living Products Unique?

Forever Living Products is a privately owned International company - not subject to pressure from shareholders - that takes an ethical and caring stance in all aspects of its business.

Forever Living Products's commitment to the Distributor network is paramount: in every discussion by the Board of Directors on new policies, the primary objective is to be fair and generous to Distributors and to ensure their continued satisfaction and success.

    • The company's prosperity and its elevated position in the marketplace are based upon superb quality products that have been proven in the natural health and beauty sector for over 22 years. High quality consumable products are essential for success in a Network Marketing business: you must be able to take product quality for granted so you can concentrate on building your network.
    • Forever Living Products is held in high esteem in the india : Forever Living Products has won awards from the DSA (Direct Selling Association, the network marketing industry watchdog) firstly in 1997 for Leadership, and then in 1999 for Innovation.
    • The latter award recognised Forever Living Products's commitment to its Distributor network by its provision of 11 Area Centres around the India . Forever Living Products is unique in this regard - the only India networking company to have Area Centres.
    • Each centre is run by an ADD (Area Development Director) who takes responsibility for all the local training, business briefings, and the support and development of the Distributors in the area.

"If you spread your wings, Forever Living Products will help you soar!"

    Direct Selling Association
    Forever Living Products is a member of the Direct Selling Association. For information about Direct Selling (Network Marketing) the DSA web-site is an excellent resource.
    Investors in People
    Forever Living Products in the India has achieved Investor in People accreditation, the only Network Marketing Company to do so. Investors in People india is the national Standard which sets a level of good practice for the development of people to achieve business goals.
    Forever Living Products
    Forever Living Products is an ethical global business offering high quality products with an excellent Marketing Plan. Forever Living Products products are only available from Independent Distributors - people like you!

What can You offer Us?

There is no particular experience that guarantees you will be a great Networker - however, we probably do all share certain attributes. Maybe you can identify with some of these: open-minded, teachable, hard-working, self-motivated, committed, enthusiastic, good team-worker, responsible leader, you like people.... And it probably helps, but not essential, if you come from a business or professional background. If this sounds like you, and you are serious about the Forever Living Products opportunity, please get in touch so we can get started immediately!


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