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Welcome! We are glad you are seeking Bible based information on Christianity. is dedicated to sharing the GOOD NEWS of God's awesome love for us and His wonderful plan for our lives.

My name is Scott Reese, and I am a Web Evangelist and Urban Missionary.  My wife Lisa, or myself would love to have the opportunity to personally share this GOOD NEWS with you.

As an ordained minister, I've been counseling and sharing the GOOD NEWS of God's love  for about 30 years in poverty stricken areas  in the Chicagoland area ( ). I  have a B.S. in Pastoral Theology and also a Master of Ministy from Moody Bible Institute.   

God has been gracious and merciful to my wife and I.  We've had ups and downs...  we've made good decisions and poor decisions...  yet through it all God has made all the difference in our lives. He has granted us inner peace and joy. He has added deep meaning to our lives.  In times of crisis He has been our rock.  We also have the assurance of eternal life in heaven with God, not because we are perfect people but because in our weakness and utter helplessness God had mercy on us. 

We want to tell you about it... I would also be happy to respond to any questions you may have. We can do this through email: , by "chat", or by phone.

First,  I would like to provide you with some recommended links to some Bible Believing Ministries that clearly explain HOW TO BE A CHRISTIAN:

The following link has 24/7 phone support so if you need to talk with someone immediately call 1888 Need Him.

We realize that taking a quick look at some Bible verses and a three minute flash presentation on "How to be a Christian" probably will not meet your needs. That is why we would like to talk to you personally! We would be happy to take the time to get to know you, understand your journey, and as friends share how God has made such an awesome difference in our lives.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Lisa & Scott Reese, Web Evangelists and Urban Missionaries

PS - Soon I will be developing to provide Biblical answers on not only how to be a Christian, but also other questions such as:  Is there a God? How do we know? Does He care about me? If God is loving and all powerful, why does He allow awful things to happen?  What does God require of me?  What is the purpose of religion?  How can people say they know God in a personal way? What makes Christianity so special? Why trust the Bible? etc.  Until this site is completely developed please check out the provided links and then email me so I can pray for you and help you in this, the most important quest of your life.

I also recommend to get information about Christianity.



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