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Scott Reese is a Web Evangelist and Internet Minister. Listed here are the Web Evangelism Websites of Scott Reese and http://internetminister.org .

The following websites are espcially helpful if you are interested in Web Evangelism, Internet Evangelism, Web Ministry, Internet Ministry, Christian Blogging, Christian Witnessing Bridge Sites, missions, and evangelism.

Internet Evangelism Links:


www.internetminister.org empowers YOU to share your faith through Internet Evangelism opportunities and through free training on Internet Ministry, missions, evangelism, and Web Evangelism. Scott Reese, Director



Http://bridgesites.org explains the Bridge Strategy of how to find common ground with the lost and therefore a bridge to develop a relationship and share the gospel. Your interests, experiences, passions, hobbies, etc. can all be used to connect with the lost and develop sincere friendships and witnessing opportunities.  Training is provided and you can join a team of likeminded Christians who share your same interests for the purpose of sharing Jesus, having fun with your interests/hobbies, and developing Christian friendships / Community.


http://blogministry.org trains you how you can use blogs and blogging for evangelism. Opportunities are available to join a christian blog team for the purpose of sharing you faith. YOU CAN DO THIS - it's easy and as a part of a team you'll have support and encouragement. No "computer knowledge is needed", just a willing heart.


http://internetministry.info gives an overview of Internet Ministry i.e. Internet Evangelism. It also contains Tony Whitaker's web-evangelism guide which has a multitude of links and exhaustive information about Internet Ministry. "Internetministry.info" is a great starting place for those who want to better understand the concepts of  Internet Ministry, also called "online ministry", "eministry", or "web ministry", or "digital outreach."

 At http://fishblog.org you will find the "Adventures of a Web Evangelist" which contains the Internet Evangelism ideas of Scott Reese and also chronicles his adventures of adding Internet Ministry to his ministry mix. This blog is also found at: www.webevangelist.blogspot.com .

Internet Evangelism Day is May 7, 2006. We have information and free resources for Internet Evangelism Day at:


Scott Reese, Web Evangelist and Internet Minister


Witnessing Links:





And many more to be developed soon with YOUR help.

Join a Internet Evangelism team! see http://bridgesites.org and