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Welcome to a page dedicated to students. Here you will find links to challenging games, helpers,

lessons, and a variety of other resources! New items are added all the time, so keep checking.

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Clyde Hamrick Elementary

The Internet Resources


Please enjoy the links I have placed below. Have a great time learning and exploring these sites I have chosen just for you!

Simple Machine--WATCH IT!



Social Studies

Math and Logic

  • Multiplication Practice -How many problems can you get right when choosing multiplication and setting the time for two minutes and the facts from 2-12 X 2-12?

  • Multiplication Games - An assortment of some very cool multiplication games

  • Crack The Code - Crack the Code is a game where you try to guess a 4-part code consisting of any combination of 6 colours. After each guess, you are given hints as to how many colours are exactly correct, or in the wrong position. The fewer the number of guesses, the better.

  • Play Euclid's Subtraction Game - Play a subtraction game against a friend or the computer.

  • Rainforest Math - Many many activities that you can do to practice your math skills in nearly any area.

  • Cool-Math - You will love Cool-Math

  • IXL Math - Lots of math practice

Reading and Language Arts



Social Studies

  • Animals of the Rainforest - Go here if you would like to find some interesting information on animals of the rainforest. Take your time and choose your links carefully.

  • Eternal Egypt - Wow! What a fantastic place to explore Egyptian artifacts and history!!

  • National Geographic for you! - Here are some activities, info, and games brought to you by National Geographic! Try it out.

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