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An Internet Hotlist on one page just for you! 

Welcome to a page dedicated to students.  Here you will find links to challenging games, helpers, 
lessons, and a variety of other resources!  New items are added all the time, so keep checking.

Created by Mr. Weber

Clyde Hamrick Elementary

The Internet Resources 
Please enjoy the links I have placed below. Have a great time learning and exploring these sites I have chosen just for you!

Simple Machine--WATCH IT!



  • Type Racer

Social Studies

Math and Logic

  • Crack The Code - Crack the Code is a game where you try to guess a 4-part code consisting of any combination of 6 colours. After each guess, you are given hints as to how many colours are exactly correct, or in the wrong position. The fewer the number of guesses, the better. 
  • Rainforest Math - Many many activities that you can do to practice your math skills in nearly any area. 

Reading and Language Arts

  • Daily Dose - Brain Teasers: For those of you that want more of a challenge, visit this link and select one of the many brain teasers.  Good luck!


  • CSI Link #1

  • A ROCK QUIZ! - Earn 10 points in Science by quizing yourself. Turn in your signed print out with a 90% or better for 10 extra credit points in science.
  • An Awesome Rock Cycle WebPage - Check out the rock cycle here.
  • Arty the Astronaut - Stop on by, click 'restart the Astro Ranger site', and take a tour of the universe with Arty. Travel to the nine planets, discover the constellations you may see in the night sky, and learn why the Earth has seasons.  Take a ride in a time machine,play Martian Marbles, and don't forget to play Galaxy Bowl. I scored 1986! What will you score?
  • Betz's Petshop - A WEBQUEST that deals with classifying living things. Everything you need is here including forms and resources.
  • Discovery School For Kids - This is a great place to locate Science information for your activities or projects. Browse through the links and find one you can use. Good luck!
  • Good Buddies! - Here is where there are links to use as you discover and research symbiosis.
  • How Are Fossils Formed???? - Check out this site to see the various ways fossils are formed!
  • Kid's Astronomy - Check out this incredible site with games, puzzles, jokes, and tons of out of this world information. I had fun here, and I know you will too.
  • NASA - Links on the Solar System would not be complete without NASA. Visit the site, click the link for students, choose your grade level, and venture around. I particularly like the multimedia area where you can see an awesome demonstration of the Earth's gravity with gunpowder. Also check on the Mars Rovers, get some help with homework, and view some spectacular photos! Let me know what you think.
  • Science Fair WebQuest - The name speaks for itself.

  • A Variety of Adaptation Games and Activities

  • Bird Beak Adaptation Game


Social Studies

  • Animals of the Rainforest - Go here if you would like to find some interesting information on animals of the rainforest. Take your time and choose your links carefully.
  • Eternal Egypt - Wow! What a fantastic place to explore Egyptian artifacts and history!!
  • National Geographic for you! - Here are some activities, info, and games brought to you by National Geographic! Try it out.

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