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You have a big decision when choosing a Calgary web design company.  Should I hire a larger design firm to design and develop my site or go with a most cost effective freelancer? A successful website is a marriage between creative design and very technical coding.  Larger firms have a creative dept. and a development dept.  Creative dept. hands development a Photoshop design of how they want the site to look, pixel for pixel.  Development then reviews the design, likely curses and grumbles and gets to work or sends the design back sighting issues that simply cannot be developed within the scope of the project.  The key here is we have creatives and developers working together to achieve something neither on their own could ever accomplish.  I can tell when I view a site developed by a creative / designer and likewise, I can tell if a freelance developer has gone it on his / her own and attempted to "design" the site themselves.

EMethod strikes a balance between these two polar opposites and maintains affordability.  I'm a good designer but I'm not a skilled developer.  I can muddle through but the end result is not as tight as it could be and it would take me about 10-20 times longer than my developer.  My developer on the other hand has zero design sense.  So our process is simple, I design the site and he develops it.  We do not have an office to maintain, hence we can compete with the freelancer for cost and we deliver the same level quality as the larger Calgary web design firms.  There are a lot of Calgary web design companies to choose from and many are very talented.  With EMethod you do  not have to sacrifice design for development or development for great design and you can save a lot.  And by a lot I mean half or even more.  I look at sites that have been developed by larger firms and final product is good but not better than what we produce.  And they billed out 3-4 times more than we would have billed.

Get the best of both worlds and save like you hired a freelance Calgary web designer.  If you need help with your existing site, or are starting out and need a new site please give me a call. I know we can help you and save you a lot.  If you need SEO help with your existing site this is also something we do and for much less than other Calgary SEO firms.

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