Project title:
Enhancing cultural capital value for tourism and business development through cross-border cooperation 
Acronym: CoolTourA
Project code: HURO/0901/192/2.1.3

General objective: Developing tourism for attaining socio-economic cohesion in the Bihor - Hajdú-Bihar region 

Specific objectives:
Sustainable development of existing cultural and historical values
Common touristic development exploration by producing commom cultural/touristic products
Enhancing cross-border links by closing a touristic agreement
The project has a cross-border character, which may be have been observed in the initial period of the project already. The parteners have jointly decided upon the following: the project design and activity packages, common needs identification (developing local tourism, attracting more tourists and better explotation of local resources), etc. By cooperating for tourism development, the 2 communities will have the opportunity to know each other, to communicate and interact in the future; direct and indirect target groups of the project are similar on both sides of the border as the same needs and interests have been identified. The cross-border impact of the project is determined by long-term results in the Bihor-Hajdu Bihar. Joint Implementation allows exploration of cultural tourism opportunities arising from common local tourism development and production of cultural products.

Direct beneficiaries:

Salonta and Debrecen City Halls; Romanian, Hungarian and foreign tourists (especially families, children/pupils, the elderly); cultural organisations; pupils and teachers from schools in Salonta and Debrecen.

Indirect beneficiaries:
Tourism agencies and providers; local communities in Salonta and Debrecen.

Project activities

1. Preparation activities
The preparation activities include all the activities meant to design the project, in which all parteners have taken part.

2. Project management
Project management will be partially external, i.e. Salonta will contract such services, and Debrecen will provide due responsibles; project management will be necessary as long as the project takes place and in all activities.

3. Communication activities
Communication activities will take place both in Salonta and Debrecen in order to provide project visibility in both cities – each partner is responsible for publicizing the project in his own area. The package includes organization of conferences, newspaper articles, web page updates etc.

4. Tourism promotion materials
Tourism promotion materials will be made in both cities in order to advertise touristic attractions in the area and consequently to attract more tourists. These include short presentation films about the cities, TV advertising spots, newspaper articles etc. Moreover, Salonta needs also local branding and the acquisition of miscellaneous equipment for the Tourism Infopoint.

5. Tourism development activities
These activities include creating a common tourist package having Arany Janos as a central figure, cities and touristic products promotion and the dvelopment of common tourist routes (an Arany Janos tourist track and a cultural heritage tour). The Arany package comprises the celebration of Arany Janos Day, a cultural-adventure online game about Arany’s most famous character, Toldi, an interactive Ballads House (only in Debrecen) in the memory of Arany’s work, where children may learn in a fun way. The promotion of the cities and touristic attractions include activities such as participation in tourism fairs, promotion of the tourist attractions during the City Days, tourist information points in the 2 cities, a study tour at the Open Days in Brussels, cultural adventure game – interactive competition.

6. Tourism meetings
There will be organized a series of workshops for city management, cultural responsibles and the media both from Salonta and Debrecen. These workshops will offer the possibility for interested parties to meet and to exchnge information about tourism in the area and the developed touristic products.

7. Tourism studies
A joint tourism development strategy will be written on medium term and touristic trend analysis.

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