DEF CON Group - Albany, New York

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Well since this is an application, I thought I'd make a site to apply to be the POC for Albany. The links above do not actually connect to content. I would create a fully functional site once I received confirmation that I could start an Albany "Chapter".

There are several reasons I would like to be the POC:

    1.  There is not one in Albany, NY. They are south or west and I think we need one here.

    2. I am involved in many areas of the Capital Region, in my job (Time Warner cable), in school (Sage College of Albany) and have a background in running organizations, websites, forums and mailing lists.

    3. I already have several people that would be interested in joining a group like this.

I do realize this isn't a "very good" website, but I didn't want to purchase a domain, unless you allowed me to be the POC. 

I look forward to your response,