Human Auditory Development

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Human Auditory Development

Werner, Lynne; Fay, Richard R.; Popper, Arthur N.
Springer Handbook of Auditory Research, Vol. 42


Overview and Issues in Human Auditory Development Lynne A. Werner

Morphological and Functional Ear Development Carolina Abdala and Douglas H. Keefe

Morphological and Functional Development of the Auditory Nervous System Jos J. Eggermont and Jean K. Moore

Development of Auditory Coding as Reflected in Psychophysical Performance Emily Buss, Joseph W. Hall III, and John H. Grose

Development of Auditory Scene Analysis and Auditory Attention Lori J. Leibold

Development of Binaural and Spatial Hearing Ruth Y. Litovsky

Development of Speech Perception Robin Panneton and Rochelle Newman

Development of Pitch and Music Perception Laurel J. Trainor and Andrea Unrau

Atypical Auditory Development and Effects of Experience Laurie S. Eisenberg, Karen C. Johnson, Sophie E. Ambrose, and Amy S. Martinez