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Human Auditory Development

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Human Auditory Development

Werner, Lynne; Fay, Richard R.; Popper, Arthur N.
Springer Handbook of Auditory Research, Vol. 42


Overview and Issues in Human Auditory Development Lynne A. Werner

Morphological and Functional Ear Development Carolina Abdala and Douglas H. Keefe

Morphological and Functional Development of the Auditory Nervous System Jos J. Eggermont and Jean K. Moore

Development of Auditory Coding as Reflected in Psychophysical Performance Emily Buss, Joseph W. Hall III, and John H. Grose

Development of Auditory Scene Analysis and Auditory Attention Lori J. Leibold

Development of Binaural and Spatial Hearing Ruth Y. Litovsky

Development of Speech Perception Robin Panneton and Rochelle Newman

Development of Pitch and Music Perception Laurel J. Trainor and Andrea Unrau

Atypical Auditory Development and Effects of Experience Laurie S. Eisenberg, Karen C. Johnson, Sophie E. Ambrose, and Amy S. Martinez

El Alumnado con Pérdida Auditiva

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El alumnado con pérdida auditiva

Claustre Cardona, M. Carme Gomar, Carme Palmés, Núria Sadurní


  • Detección: ¿Por dónde empezar?
  • Antes del diagnóstico: signos de alerta y derivación.
  • Diagnóstico de pérdida auditiva.
  • Prótesis auditivas y ayudas técnicas.
  • La familia ante la pérdida auditiva ·
  • Pérdida auditiva y desarrollo: Factores que inciden en el desarrollo del niño con discapacidad auditiva.
  • El papel de la familia en el desarrollo del niño ·
  • ¿Para qué evaluar, qué y cómo?
  • Colaboración de otros profesionales en la evaluación.
  • Evaluación y familia · ¿Qué podemos hacer?
  • La acción educativa. Aspectos específicos de la enseñanza y el aprendizaje.
  • Colaboración con otros especialistas.
  • La familia en el proceso educativo · ¿Qué centros para estos alumnos?
  • Hacia una escuela inclusiva. Un proyecto educativo inclusivo.
  • La planificación y organización del centro.
  • Prácticas educativas inclusivas


Paediatric Audiological Medicine

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Paediatric Audiological Medicine

Valerie E. Newton

Tabla de Contenidos

1 Epidemiology of permanent childhood hearing impairment(A. Davis, K. Davis and G. Mencher).

2 Screening and surveillance (J. Stevens and G. Parker).

3 Behavioural tests of hearing (F. Tweedy and R. Booth).

4 Neuro-diagnostic paediatric audiology (J.W. Hall III and L.M. Bondurant).

5 Radiological abnormalities of the ear (F. Calzolari and A. Martini).

6 Genetics of hearing loss (A.P. Read).

7 Craniofacial syndromes and hearing loss (V.E. Newton).

8 Infectious causes of paediatric hearing impairment (P.J. Vallely and P.E. Klapper).

9 Adverse perinatal factors and hearing loss (T. Sirimanna).

10 Acute otitis media and otitis media with effusion (E. Raglan).

11 Central auditory processing disorders (J.S. Martin and R.W. Keith).

12 Auditory neuropathy (D. Bamiou).

13 Progressive hearing loss (D. Lucas).

14 Children with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss (D.P. Sladen, A. Rothpletz and F.H. Bess).

15 Medical management of the deaf child in a multidisciplinary context (B. Mac Ardle and C. Munro).

16 Selecting amplifi cation for children (D. Toe).

17 Cochlear implants in children (R.T. Ramsden and P. Axon).

18 Managing the listening environment: classroom acoustics and assistive listening devices (D. Toe).

19 Balance disorders in children (K. Harrop-Griffiths).

20 Vestibular testing in children (C. Möller).

21 Management of tinnitus in children (C.B. Coelho and R.S. Tyler).

22 Development of early vocalisation and language behaviours of young hearing-impaired children (E.A. Tobey and A.D. Warner-Czyz).

23 Deaf children and communication approaches (L. Watson).

24 Delay and disorder in speech and language (G. Baird and T. Loucas).

25 Psychological effects of deafness and hearing impairment (R. Kentish and J. Mance).

26 The education of deaf and hearing-impaired children (I. Tucker).


Hearing (Gelfand)

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An Introduction to Psychological and Physiological Acoustics, Fifth Edition, Revised and Expanded

Stanley Gelfand

Tabla de Contenidos
  • Physical Concepts
  • Anatomy
  • Conductive Mechanism
  • Cochlear Mechanism and Processes
  • Auditory Nerve
  • Auditory Pathways
  • Psychoacoustic Methods
  • Theory of Signal Detection
  • Auditory Sensitivity
  • Masking
  • Loudness
  • Pitch
  • Biaural and Spatial Hearing
  • Speech Perception
  • American National Institute of Standards Definitions.


Speech and Hearing Science

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Speech and Hearing Science:

Anatomy and Physiology

Willard R Zemlin.


Tabla de Contenidos

  1. Introduction and Orientation.
  2. Breathing.
  3. Phonation.
  4. Articulation.
  5. The Nervous System.
  6. Hearing.
  7. Embryology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism.
  8. Circulation.

Electronics and Instrumentation for Audiologists

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Electronics and Instrumentation for Audiologists

Paul James Moser

Tabla de Contenidos

  1. The Fundamentals of Electricity
  2. Resistance; Opposition to Current Flow
  3. Direct Current Circuits I
  4. Direct Current Circuits II
  5. AC Signals.
  6. Reactive Components
  7. Alternating Current Circuits
  8. Filters and Frequency Response
  9. Amplifiers
  10. Feedback and Operational Amplifiers
  11. Digital Electronics: The Basics
  12. Digital Signal Processing
  13. The Nature of Vibrations and Sound
  14. Transducers -- Electronics Meets Acoustics
  15. Aids for the Hearing Impaired
  16. Hearing Diagnostic Technology
  • Appendix A. Review of Trigonometry
  • Appendix B. Complex Numbers
  • Appendix C. Vectors

Audiology: Science to Practice

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Science to Practice

Steven J. Kramer, James Jerger, H. Gustav Mueller < .

Tabla de Contenidos

    • 1. Anatomy of the Auditory and Vestibular Systems
    • 2. Properties of Sound
    • 3. Functions of the Auditory and Vestibular Systems
    • 4. Pure-Tone Audiometry
    • 5. Audiogram Interpretation
    • 6. Speech Audiometry
    • 7. Physiological Measures
    • 8. Selected Disorders of the Auditory System
    • 9. Hearing Aids by H. Gustav Mueller and Earl E. Johnson
    • 10. Audiology as a Career
    • 11. A Brief History of Audiology in the United States by James Jerger

Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids

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Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids

Understanding Hearing Aids: Getting Started

Brian Taylor, AuD, H. Gustav Mueller, Ph.D.

Tabla de Contenidos

  1. Psychology of Hearing Loss
  2. Basic Acoustics
  3. Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear
  4. The Measurement of Hearing
  5. Common Hearing Disorders and Audiogram Interpretation
  6. The Hearing Aid Selection Process
  7. Hearing Aid Styles
  8. Introduction to Hearing Aid Design
  9. Advanced Hearing Aid Features and Special Options
  10. Hearing Aid Fitting Procedures
  11. Outcome Assessment and Post-Fitting Issues
  12. Solving Common Hearing Aid Problems
  13. Appendix

Auditory disorders in school children

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Auditory disorders in school children:

the law, identification, remediation

Ross J. Roeser, Marion P. Downs

Tabla de Contenidos

  • 1) A New Era in Auditory Disorders for School Auditory Disorders
  • 2) The Application of the Law to Children with Hearing Loss
  • 3) Interpreting Diagnostic Audiology Tests
  • 4) Understanding Ear Disorders
  • 5) Screening for Hearing Loss and Middle Ear Disorders
  • 6) Auditiory Processing Disorders In School Children
  • 7) Psychoeducational Assessment of School Aged Children with Hearing Impairments
  • 8) Psychoeducational Assessment of Children with Auditory Processing
  • 9) Family and school intervention for the new era child
  • 10) Mild & unilateral hearing loss
  • 11) Classroom acoustics
  • 12) Classroom amplification systems
  • 13) Assistive Devices Center
  • 14) Cochlear Implants & Other Strategies for Profound Deafness
  • 15) Techniques and Concepts in Auditory Training & Speechreading
  • 16) Remediation of Children with Auditory Processing Disorders including Auditory Dyssynchrony/Neuropathy
  • 17) Classroom Intervention Strategies & Resource Materials
  • 18) Counseling for Parents of Children with Auditory Disorders
  • 19) Enhancing the Self Image of the Mainstreamed Child with Auditory Disorders

Fundamentals of Hearing, An Introduction

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Fundamentals of Hearing, An Introduction

William A. Yost,

Tabla de Contenidos

  • I. The Auditory Stimulus: Sound
  • II. Peripheral Auditory Anatomy and Physiology
  • III. Auditory Sensation
  • IV. Auditory Perception, the Central Nervous System, and Auditory Disorders

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