Middle ear electroacoustic analog model

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Este es el trabajo que realicé para el examen del curso de Electroacústica en la University of Southern Denmark, en el cual obtuve la máxima puntuación (12 en el 7point scale danés). Como archivo adjunto está la presentacion del examen.

Middle Ear electroacoustic analog model

Raúl H. Sánchez López



There are several fields which it can be used acoustical or mechanical analogies. These analogies what were studied in current Electroacoustic Course at SDU, could be used to obtain microphone or loudspeaker´s models and simulations. However, analogies could be also used to get a good approximation about the behavior of a complicate system. In this case, the middle ear system will be studied and analyzed, through knowledge in electroacoustics. After that, several models made by researchers in different universities will be compared. Furthermore, some applications of the study of the middle ear analog model will be shown, whose are made for rehabilitation of hearing losses. In conclusions it will be able to see how work these models, and how we can understand the behavior of the system using the analogies and how changes this when mass, or stiffness are modified.

Raúl H. Sánchez,
27 may. 2012 5:46