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Bash for Web

A "dialog" concept

NOTE: WeBash is discontinued, if you are interested to a tool to easy creating web pages through a bash script, then try:  EasyBashWEB that is a "WeBash 2.0".
This site is online only for historical reason.


Webash is an open-source bash function library. It is used to have easy and simple functions for web interactive pages creation to write in a bash script launched by http server ( CGI technology ) .

Since the goal is simplicity, web interactivity is very limited: the concept is Xdialog (*).
Webash aims to be for Web what Xdialog is for local machine.

These are the functions ( only those for web page creation ) :

  1. pre_message__cgi
  2. message__cgi
  3. alert_message__cgi
  4. ok_message__cgi
  5. final_message__cgi

  1. input__cgi
  2. menu__cgi

  1. table__cgi
  2. not_interactive_tables__cgi

upload (beta)
  1. file_upload__cgi

(*) = You can say "Xdialog", but you also could say "widtools", "zenity", "kdialog", "gdialog" ...