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Bash for Web

A "dialog" concept

Frequently Asked Questions

Why this site ?
For work: I'm a system administrator and I'm using these functions to create web interactive utilities; in Web there are people more clever than me who could help to improve Webash. Moreover, for philanthropy and gratefulness towards free software community: Webash could be useful to somebody else, beyond to me.

Why Bash ?
Bash is everywhere. Because bash language is far more powerful than most people think about or use. Because bash language is easy and straightforward ( it suffices a terminal to make a test on something ). And, eventually, because is the only language I know... ;-)

Why Unix ?
Because is THE operating system.

And M$ Windows ?
I think you could use Webash through CygWin or equivalent programs, but I didn't tested it.

Why not another shell than Bash ?
Other shells are ok, but I prefere GNU project shell. ( Don't attempt to source Webash in other shells: it has too many "bashisms" ... )

Wich web server you tested Webash with ?
So far only Apache, however, since Webash is based on CGI technology, I think it should work with any http server CGI-compatible.

Wich Bash minimal version it requires ?

Why you use "appendi_stringa_in_file" ?
To write data on hard disk ( read Webash source and you'll understand ) .

Is it possible to change lower level elements in Webash formatted page (e.g. font, style) ?
Of course, but must edit functions' HTML.

Why you don't insert more than one input type per page ,e.g. three menus ( = "select" ) and two text inputs in the same page ?
Functions, in Webash, are "atomic elements". The concept is Xdialog, don't you remember ?

Using PHP is better ?
If you want more complexity in web page, of course. But in that case maybe Webash is not for you...

May I collaborate to improve this library ?
Anyone has the programming hobby like me and wants to collaborate is welcome.

May I use other languages ( e.g. Javascript ) ?
I'd prefere that languages used in Webash are only bash and HTML, for coherence and simplicity reasons.

Why you wrote "file_upload__cgi" as beta ?
It's not clear why, for binary files, sometimes upload does work, sometimes it doesn't ... Help!

Webash/This site sucks.
I know... I'm waiting for suggestions... ;->