Web Analytic Services Success Stories

How small businesses profit from the internet

We do not yet have the video production capabilities of Google, Facebook, or Shopify, to tell our success stories. So, we are presently doing it with text based stories and you will find that the results our clients have achieved are the same. 

We look forward to celebrating the growth of your business by successfully leveraging the internet !

Sports / Recreation / Fitness

TruFit is a growing fitness company located in Yuma, Arizona ( TruFit ). TruFit provides personal fitness training and a variety of group fitness classes that will meet clients where they are. Whether you have never worked out in your life, or you are a seasoned athlete, TruFit customizes a program for you.

Prior to June of 2016 TruFit was growing its business through word of mouth, a simple web presence, and utilizing a Facebook account to cultivate client and community relationships that it had developed. Then in June of 2016 TruFit teamed with Web Analytic Services with the objective of reaching more potential customers through a more robust online presence. With some website refinements, and the implementation of a Google Adwords program, TruFit's website traffic has doubled and the number of new clients they acquired more than covered the investment in their new web marketing program. 

TruFit's longer range plans for the new program call for expanding and refining the Google Adwords program for specific package offerings and audiences, as well as implementing a targeted Facebook web advertising program to leverage the extended relationships of their client base.

For more information, email TruFit's founder Kris Franz at  kfranzOO@yahoo.com 


Southwestern Christian School is a K - 8 school located in Yuma, Arizona ( Southwestern Christian ). Southwestern Christian has won both regional and national recognition in many academic areas. The school also offers students a wide range of extra curricula personal development programs.

In March of 2016 Southwestern Christian teamed with Web Analytic Services to accomplish a two objectives. The first was to establish a new web platform for the school that would serve as the online foundation and link to its current school community, alumni, and the general public. The second objective was to promote school expansion by designing and implementing an internet based student recruitment program that would integrate both Google Adwords and Google Analytics into the new web platform.

Just with implementation of the new web platform Southwestern Christian's website traffic has more than doubled. The expansion and recruitment program is being launched with great anticipation in November 2016. Check back soon for early results.

Also, for more information, email Southwestern Christian's principal, Deborah Stewart at  dstewart@swcslions.org 

Specialty Products

Sunshine Herbs N' More of Yuma ( Sunshine Herbs N More ) is a health and nutrition products retailer that offers the best brands of organic health foods and supplements from the most ethical companies in the health food and supplement industry. Sunshine
Herbs N' More of Yuma is also fully committed to helping the Yuma community through education about both preventative and alternative, natural, non-pharmaceutical methods for a healthy lifestyle. 

In November of 2016 Sunshine Herbs N' More teamed with Web Analytic Services to accomplish two objectives. The first was to establish a new web platform using Google Sites to support their store retail operations as well as serve as its online foundation to the Yuma community. The second, and longer term, objective is build an online ordering system to offer greater conveniences to its customers who live all over the United States and Canada. The web platform and online ordering system will both integrate Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

For more information, email Sunshine Herbs founder Krista DuCharme at  sunshineherbsnmore@gmail.com