How small businesses profit from the internet
Web Analytic Services offers both complete application outsourcing packages ( development and ongoing management ) and single application development project work. 

Our complete outsourcing packages are very affordable when you consider that you get expert systems design, implementation, and ongoing management at approximately 40 % of the monthly cost of a qualified part-time employee working 20 hours a week. 

Complete Outsourcing Packages

Our complete outsourcing packages include the initial development of the application(s), ongoing management of the application(s), and 24 x 7 support. Each of these packages require a 12 month contractual commitment.

Application Package Options :
  • Package 2 > Google and Facebook E-Business Platform with Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, 
    and Google Analytics > $ 75.00 monthly, plus a variable charge for Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. With Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising you determine what you want to pay for delivering potential customers to your e - business platform. For an overview on how this type of advertising works, see the AdWords auction video on this webpage > Package 2 > Sample Statement Of Work  
  • Package 3 > Google and Facebook E-Business Platform, Google AdWords, facebook Advertising, Google Analytics, and Shopify E - Commerce > $ 100.00, plus a variable charge for Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising, and $ 179.00 for the Shopify e - commerce component = $ 279 + monthly > Package 3 > Sample Statement Of Work   

Project Specific Options

Web Analytic Services can develop and launch each of your web application(s) on a single project only basis as well. Included in these project fees is the training that you will need to manage the applications going forward.

Application :