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Web Analytic Services was founded in 2015 by long time communications and information technology systems industry professionals Jan and Doug Rothschild. The operations center for the firm is currently based in Yuma Arizona.

Chief Development Officer > Douglas A. Rothschild

For over four decades Mr. Rothschild has played a very active role in the development of the communications and information technology systems industry. Through his senior management assignments with many of the industry’s most influential corporations, and his roles with emerging technology leaders, he has contributed as a facilitator of the global information revolution.

Mr. Rothschild has held senior executive management positions with such leading Fortune 500 high technology corporations as IBM , Lucent Technologies , Nortel Networks , and Verizon . In roles with these organizations Mr. Rothschild was responsible for the management of global operating divisions that employed hundreds of employees across the United States and Europe. 

In addition to highly successful endeavors with industry leading corporations, Mr. Rothschild has also played a major role in facilitating the success of a number of start – up high technology companies. A few of these start – ups were privately owned companies that specialized in communications hardware, software, and professional technical services. As a senior executive with such companies as Madge Networks, Web Associates, and Island Data Corporation, Mr. Rothschild’s technology experience and management expertise helped lead these companies to exponential growth and either their initial public offerings or eventual mergers with other firms in the industry.

Mr. Rothschild is a graduate of Waynesburg University , Long Island University , and Duke University’s – Fuqua Graduate Business School Executive Program . He has earned a BA in history and an MPA in Public Finance and Policy Analysis. 

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Chief Operations and Finance Officer > Janice R. Rothschild

For over three decades Mrs. Rothschild played a major role in directing the sales, customer services, and field engineering operations of some of the most successful component
manufacturing companies in the history of 
information technology systems industryMrs. Rothschild's assignments have included senior executive management positions with both Fortune 500 high technology corporations such as 3 Com and successful start - ups such as Madge Networks.

Mrs. Rothschild is a magna cum laude graduate of National University with a bachelor's degree in business administration.

Email :  jan@webanalyticservices.org