BERTRAND JOUVENOT is a French marketing influencer and prominent writer on business, management, marketing, branding and digital.

After writing the first thesis on digital of the Sorbonne University, he occupied marketing positions in a wide range of industries (Internet, telephony, retail, fashion, luxury) during twenty years. He served as director of marketing for many years in retail and fashion where his initiatives have been used as case studies by Mercator (the bestselling scholar marketing book in France) and written about in daily press (Le Figaro, Le Monde, Libération…), a plethora of professional magazines and major blogs.

Then, as graduate MBA he went on to advise many companies as independent consultant.

Bertrand’s first book, Le Journal de BJ au bureau—which enjoyed success in China—was a debut bestseller and is now read in Universities around Europe and Asia. He is also the author of Managing Softly: Learning From Buddha, Gandhi, Gracie. Bertrand third book Mode & Internet : le marketing épinglé was highly welcome by media, readers and libraries. His last book titled The Inside story of the Web is travelling around the world living a book crossing experience. The book peregrinates across the world, through states, continents and time zones. After reading it, readers from random cities leave their copy (on a public bench, in the train, in an airport...) so that another reader in turn takes it, reads it and leaves it somewhere. These readers talk about where they found the book and where they then left it on FrenchWeb. Thus, the journey of the work throughout its route is described.

Bertrand is equally teaching, in several business and fashion schools, to Chinese and European cohorts.

Bertrand lives in Paris, France, and writes for INfluencia, the prestigious French quarterly print magazine spotting trends in marketing, communication and creation.

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