Course of Creating text and flyer

~ Beautiful! Legible! Easy! ... moreover Free! ~

No special software to use. You will learn how to make using a free web service.

テキスト&チラシ作成 講座
The complete data can be used in a variety of applications.
This course is recommended for the Lecturer want to produce text is, of course the Neighborhood association officers want to make a flyer
 and the Circle officer want to make the magazine newsletter.

Even if there is no printer at home, will teach you can print black-and-white & color!
  • Course name : C
  • Date and time : September 5, 2012(Saturday)13:30-15:30
  • Place  : Digital Research Park Center
  • Personal effects : Google Accounts
  • Fee : Free ※Personal computer Usage fee is 240yen.

※The deadline to apply for September 5.