Fields:    Macroeconomics, Macro-finance, Political Economy

  • Delayed Overshooting: Is It an 80s Puzzle? (with S. Moon and C. Velasco), Journal of Political Economy 125(5):1570-1598, 2017 downloadonline supplement, data
  • A Map of Markups: Why We Observe Mixed Behaviors of Markups (with S. Moon), Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 26(2):529-553, 2017, downloadonline supplement
  • Profits as an Inter-sectoral Consequence of Disequilibrium in a Production Network (with S. Moon), Journal of Market Economy 시장경제연구 44(3):57-80, 2015, download
  • Sequential Action and Beliefs under Partially Observable DSGE Environments, Computational Economics 40(3):219–244, 2012, download
Recent Works
  • Liquidity Spirals over Moving Uncertainty: Evidence from US Financial Aggregates (with K. Park) download at the EEA-ESEM 2016
Works in progress
  • Business Failure and Labour Market Fluctuations (with S. Moon)
  • How Long Would A Recession Last?: A Toy Experiment From An Omniscient Perspective
  • What Do Producer Price Spreads Tell Us About the Business Cycle? (with S. Moon)
  • The Real Predictivity Factor in Asset Returns (with K. Park)
  • Time-varying Demand for Treasuries (with K. Park)