Week 11: Surveys and Forms

Forms and surveys are great tools for educators to use to collect information, organize information, share ideas, and much more.  Web2.0 has made creating and using online forms a snap.  There are several tools out there to use to create forms.  I will focus on Google Docs forms, but will share others as well. 

Google Forms are a part of Google Docs. This is one great reason to use Google Forms for your online forms and survey needs.  Your forms and spreadsheets are easily accessible with you other Google Docs and they can easily be embedded in blogs, wikis and web pages.  You can also send a survey embedded in an e-mail.

  1. Watch the tutorial on creating a form with Google Docs
  2. Make sure that you have a Google Account. 
  3. Decide on the type of survey or form you would like to create.  You could create a questionnaire for parents, a short quiz for your students, etc.
  4. Create the form.
  5. Share your form information on the form embedded on this page.
  6. Bonus: Embed your form in a webpage, blog or wiki.
  7. Bonus: Get creative and embed form, spreadsheet and charts.

Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenge Week 11: Forms and Surveys

Creating Forms and Surveys Challenge Tutorial

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Creating Forms
How to Create a Self Grading Quiz Using Google Forms

Tools to use for Forms and Surveys:

Google Forms is easy and free, but there are many other tools you might like as well.  Most of these other survey tools have a free account for creating a few surveys a month.

Google Docs Forms (sign into Google Docs, choose new, form)
Survey Monkey
Poll Everywhere : Surveys by text message and website.  (ask me if you are interested in using PollDaddy in Mount Vernon.  I have an account that I can share.

Examples of Forms and Surveys:

10 Google Forms in the Classroom
Great Examples already created
Book Review using Forms with an interactive SpreadSheet
MVSD Tech Training Registration
Creating an Emotion Graph on a storyline using Google Forms