Week 20: Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenge: Google: Even More

As you might know, I am a bit Googley.  I had the opportunity to go to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California last summer and become a Google Certified Teacher.  I love Google's philosophy and all the ways that you can use Google to create, communicate, collaborate and collect information.  I feel these are very valuable 21st Century Skills that we should be teaching our students and Google is a great way to do it because these tools are free and easily accessible to all. Lessons created and delivered using Google tools can easily be repeated in other classes and beyond class in the real world.

In this week's challenge, we are going to be exploring the "Even More" section in Google.  We will just be scratching the surface and this is a constantly changing section, so I hope that you will explore "even more". 

1. Go to Google.com, click on more and then on even more.
2. Take the Even More Scavenger Hunt created using Google Docs and Spreadsheets Forms.
3. You are now entered in the Week 20 Web.20 Wednesday Challenge. Winners will be announced March 4.
4. Have fun exploring.

Even More Scavenger Hunt

Where to Find "Even More".