Welcome to the Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenge

Welcome to our Web.20 Challenge.  Join us each week to learn about a helpful Web 2.0 tool and then take the challenge.  Share your results and you could win great prizes and worldwide fame.

Washington State Tech Standards

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Teacher Highlights:  
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Weekly Winners:

Week 1: Blog Challenge: Nikki Klinger
Week 2: Google Docs: Marsha Audette
Week 3: Voice Thread: Teresa Vaughn
Week 4: Google Maps: Paul Zickler
Week 5: Animoto: Melissa Campbell
Week 6: Discovery Education Streaming: Lisa Harpel
Week 7: Wordle: Debbie Guildner
Week 8: Big Huge Labs: Forrest Willoughby
Week 9: Flickr : Karen Sue Wend
Week 10: Wikis: John Sadzewicz
Week 11: Surveys and Forms: Teresa Creelman
Week 12: Creating Avatars: Catherine Meissner
Week 13: Power 2.0 Sharing: Troy Wright
Week 14: Donor's Choose: Terri Sligar, Kerri Helgeson
Week 15: GCast
Week 16: Google Presentations: Terri Sligar

Anyone is welcome to join our challenge.  Your project may be highlighted.  Weekly Winner Prizes will be only be awarded to teachers and staff in the Mount Vernon School District. Mount Vernon, WA.

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