With pixlr you have the choice of how you want to edit your picture.  It can be almost as fully functioning as Photoshop or other picture editors, but for students we recommend using Pixlr Express!  No usernames and passwords, just quick simple photo editing.  

With Pixlr express you choose how you want to get your pictures

Browse: Lets you choose from the pictures on yoru desktop
Open URL: Allows you to get a picture from a web resource.  You can use the shared URL from a picture stored in your Google Docs and edit that picture.
Webcam: If your computer has a webcam built in you can use this to take a picture without having to worry about getting out a digital camera or worrying about any cord messes.  

Let the editing begin....

Adjustment: Quickly adjust a variety of elements from contrast adjustments to whitening teeth.  Effects are filled with easy quick fixes.
Effect:  Change colors and white balance.
Overlay: Everything from watermarks to vignettes.  All will go over the top of whatever image you have.  
Border:  Adds borders.  Yep, that's it!
Sticker:  Add embellishments to your pictures like stickers or even a mustache.  
Text:  Add text and titles to your images.  

Classroom Uses
  • Edit pictures before using them in other programs.  (We did this before creating our Animoto)
  • Add pictures and define vocabulary words.
  • Take pictures of memorable events (field trips, class parties, music programs, etc.) add captions and swag to pictures.
  • Modify pictures for take-home cards for parents.
  • Upload pictures of maps to Pixlr and add events or place names.
  • Take pictures of everyday items that form geometric shapes for a shape review.  

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