In March 2014, I started a weave with patterns of Swedish lace
(pages 187 - 188)

The yarn I used for this weave in the warp
was old Belgian linen yarn for real bobbin lace.

'Lin à dentelles brillanté'
(polished linen thread for lacemaking)
This yarn was strong and easy to weave.
However, for some reason, it took a century to me to finish this weave...

After more than two years,
I finally asked Teddy to help me to pick up the threads.

details of this Swedish lace weave with a natural linen warp and a yellow cotton weft

It is a woven with 4 shafts.
The warp is threaded in repeated blocks


With the remaining warp, I tried a different pattern
which consisted of simply alternating shafts 1,2,3,4.
I finally finished this weave in the beginning of January 2017.