This was my first WARP IKAT weaving.
It is abut 11 meters long and 
it took almost 7 months of full-time work. 
 The warp is cotton yarn. For the weft I used fibre from the banana-fibre plants which I had been cultivating in front of atelier Katokobo since 2003.

 I started in September 2007 to make the rose dye for 
     the plain weave and as background for the ikat.

These are roots of the getto plant. This plant grows quickly and recovers rapidly even when part of the roots are taken away. Okinawa has a subtropical climate. 

I dyed 9 strings of cotton for the plain weave and 
the strings on which I would dye ikat afterwerds.

To the light green and yellow stripes, I applied the 'roton-ori' weaving technique. For the yellow dye, I used the flowers of fennel plants I cultivated in front of my workshop. The green dye was also self-made out of the leaves of plants.


For the ikat I used Indian indigo which I bought from Mr. Namikawa, an indigo dye maker.



November 2007


I finally could start the weaving.