Weather Concept Maps

                                                                                                                                                                    By Samantha Bruder
Elements of Weather Concept Map- 
    This is an example of a beginning concept map. It can be used before starting a project to organize thoughts and ideas of where the project will take students and what they hope to accomplish. The main idea (such as weather) is centered and links go out from it connecting to other ideas and topics that are related.
Revised Concept Map-
    This is an example of the next step of a concept map. It can be created by students half ways into their projects, to reorganize and better set a plan for finishing their project based on where they now are.
Final, Revised Concept Map-
    This final concept map can be created right before students end their last details, to make sure all details and topics were covered and to add new information to the concept map so that all information is included. This should basically be a picture of what the project is, and everything in it.