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Weather happens this afternoon or tomorrow or next week. Climate is the long term average of weather.  Weather is sensitive to random events.  Climate is much more predictable.  Climate is created by the transfer of the sun’s energy from equator to pole.  Weather is driven by temperature and moisture differences between one place and another.  What conditions determine our weather and climate?  How are they interrelated?  This course will explore the basic science of weather and climate, focusing on both the global picture and on the Gulf of Maine in particular.

Introduction to the Basic Science of Weather and Climate
Water, Air, and Clouds
Earth’s Energy
Air Circulation and Coriolis Effect
Ocean Circulation
Climate cycles
Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming and Climate Change
Climate Future(s) 

This website is a companion to the course  Weather or Not:  a Matter of Climate  offered at Midcoast Senior College in Brunswick, Maine, Fall 2015, 
by Bruce MacDougal and Barbara Snapp.  

The course will meet on Wednesdays in September-October 2015 from 9:30 to 11:30 am.

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