Preschool Committee

Weasenham Preschool is a charity, run by a voluntary management committee comprised of parents and members of the wider community.  As a parent of a child who is, or will be attending Weasenham Preschool during the forthcoming academic year, it is important that you get involved in the preschool committee meetings.

Without a committee, our preschool cannot legally operate.  All it takes is a few hours each term but it offers you the opportunity to directly influence the management of the preschool and the people to whom you entrust your child’s development and with it their first steps in learning.

Committee Members:

Ms Beckie Aston: Chair

Mrs Sarah Kosbab: Treasurer

Mr John Crowley:  Secretary

Mrs Belinda Allen (Headteacher Weasenham Primary School)

And you!  Please see Debbie if you are interested in having a say in how the preschool is run.