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A Residential School Story

Every once in a while music listeners are treated to something called a "concept album", where a particular thought and theme makes its way across the entire musical and graphic landscape. The Residential School legacy inspired such an album.

In March 1945 a Canadian soldier was killed in Holland.

His two daughters, living with their newly widowed mother on an Indian reserve, were taken away to a Residential School. These songs tell the story of their experiences at the school, and the impact it had on four generations of the Soldier's family.

Having lost their language and culture they try to fit in to society and live their lives as best they can. One sister is able to move on by never speaking of what happened to her again. The other sister cannot get past it, and lives a life of mental illness, alcohol, physical abuse, and eventually suicide. Their children try to break the cycle and reconnect with their culture, and to teach their own children.

The story ends with the Soldier's great-granddaughter praying at his grave in Holland, in his own language.

The story in this album is a reflection and a recounting of the realities of lives lived and lost.

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