Luna Songs

The Sun King and Eye were on Golden Tour.  He was straddling a busted drum and I was whacking a mandolin.  It sounded so good that the chariot driver heard us and drove down from heaven to scoop us up.  We rolled to that big old California Mountain where our chariot dropped us off by a river and a Winnebego.  The Winnebego was driven by the High King of the Holy Cloud Cover Das and the three of us raced for Cosmopolis.  All of us changed names and disquises: I was Alfo! the High King of the Holy Cloud Cover Das was Ponko! the Sun King was Regibald Harris! and the High King's grandson who we picked up along the way we called Chester!  (perhaps I've switched around the names but...there's no sense hiding them now)  We planned to discretely enter the gathering of Sound Tribes to SING and so we huddled in that Winnebego on a mission.  Infiltrate!  But the overwhelming love of the great gate keeper Awe! All! Drove us so stir crazy that we just blew the top of then and there!  Bursting from the Winnebego to Hug and Feast!  That was when we met this one Here, the Goddess of the Moon.  Here songs she sings!

Little bit about the bits...
The songs sing themselves as i sit in the silence
Wild forests and rivers, dreams, and children ignight the feyer that allow the songs to come. Chagga is a sacred mushroom that grows out of birch trees. This particular mushroom made me climb a mountain following a beautiful snowy creek. It was a warm winter day and the mushroom was bleeding is rich maroon juicy medicine. As I met the point where the creek branched into two, the bifurication point, there sprang the chagga out of her mother, grey birch. Oh were they so happy living in that lucious forest of all dreams and so I touched her medicine and the brown potion lifted my finger to my third eye to anoint and make prasies to this wholie one. And so she sings....
And I sit and listen to the land sing her songs in the language of all things...
what way to interperet? To strum and hum or translate to words? I remember the trees wispering and the river crying out to sing! Oh that wellspring of love and the delicious depths of the morning choir! I close my eyes and take a deep breath as I remember to listen and look into your eyes, I remember you, yes yes there you are old brother, sister i missed you so. so la ti do......

Luna and Travis in  the Tree at the Coral Church near Kipahulu on Maui Island.

Singing "to the spirits of the land!"

Singing Alive! 

A gathering of Song Tribes that occurs annually, 
Kept by M.T.Xen, A Kind song Keeper and a Golden Soul.
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