Hawaiian Island Moons

Sunday, March 8th

Ong King Studios, Ohs Ohs Ohs.  Tonight is Sunday Morning, the Eight of Two Thousand and Nine.  Last night the Show was in CHiNA ToWn on King Street at Ong King Art Studios with My Dear Friend SEE and the Lady Ariel.  I sleep here upon the black couch under my red blanket under the window and wake to the smells of barbeque squid and tea cookies, baking outside.  Busses and a great spiral peace that hangs from the ceiling.  White stairs and pots and pots and pots with aloe and dirt, geckoes in the walls and cockroaches in the sink.  Poets come in and out and they are Holy, speaking truth.  Crackers in the kitchen, music on the porch.  Home on the second story of Life and the boy passes through it, feeling comfortable to laugh and dance and even Think.  FINE

And so this troupe of Poets that I might mention swung on in round the same time as Eye and I Love them dearly. 


These children can speak with the Great Truth of the Century like the ancient Prophets of Mind and Spirit.  They are alive and breathing, they are stars in the span-funk of livity (that's the RIVER I tell ya).  I am listening to the Bright Hearts Brigade Album for the first time (heart truth of humans!), I am holding the page open in Jon Sands book.  I am thinking like poems.  These are brilliant people!  I am great full.  It is

Monday, March 9th

Ong King Studios, early morning garbage truck mail carrier sounds.  Tonight was Red and Blue and See and Jeffery, we sang 'Under the Sea' and drummed and shouted and sang for China Town Ong King's Open Mic Night and the whole loft was glowing.  Here is some segments of the show.  Bless ya'll, I am asleep.  I am dreaming this part.
Dear Sally: A peice from the old basement traditions, revived for the upliftment of the spirit.  Exerpt from a letter to Sally Omes about conditions and function of the Home.
Blessings upon this holy center
Of Light Life and Creativity!

Heroes converge here,
Truth is Spoken.

o o o o Poets of the SpillJoy Ensemble! o o o o
"...I do not bleed.
I am a box held together by wrapping paper
my smile is a ribbon
I am giving you the entire story
you have already leafed through my pages
you have seen the whole show..."
~Quoted from Jon Sands from the book he built:
 I Got a Letter From Midtown

Travis Puntarelli,
Mar 9, 2009, 7:48 AM