We Are What We Are

This movie made ​​my tummy turned upside down. This is such a real serious horror movie because I of cannibalism effects. The Parker family were the stars and They started this horror film with Their ritual beginning of the story. They looked as a normal In family living Catskill Mountains but there was a hidden truth that hides in them.

Parker's wife died in an accident hammering During a thunderstorm while getting groceries downtown. Jim Bill Sage as Father Frank is the man of the family who bossed the ritual to be applied because I of Their century of ritual belief. Ambyr Childers played by Iris and Rose Julia Garner was played Frank's teenage daughters. Father Frank Parker rejects to do different ways for Their sacred mystic rites, while daughters were really uneasy as time goes by.

They began the ritual with three days fasting. As expected that even Their younger brother, would be really hungry that he chomped His babysitter's thumb During the funeral. It's horrible comedy part of the movie. While They thought They were not suspicious, well They were . The local authorities have been researching and investigating Silently, They can as far as to unveil the secrets of the Parkers that began as a whisper number of years ago. Not  all will live a life in a remote house, especially if you were going to live with this family. They have a  classy look with Their dresses at all times in this movie as Their father looks like an energetic boss to rule the house, but They were hungry for human flesh.

Jim Mickle , the director is really brainy to remake this movie better than the Mexican film whose stars are guys instead of two teenage girls. The father died

in that Mexican movie, not the mother. The sound effects are so great. It really scares me, from slow, soft and followed by sudden actions. The daughter's eye really catches my attention. You would not even have thought of these teens horrible inner secrets. The poor lightning perfectly matches the old look movie era They wanted to portray. The actions are definitely mysterious that you would want to reveal the answer as soon as there is an issue. The cannibalism is not so but freaky horror type. It strengthens the horror and frightening factor of the audience and would not even want to be there.

The movie has the story that carries the film all the way through the end. Visiting this link , movie fanatics can greatly give a taste of what the movie offers.

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