I’ve Got Something To Say

Lewis, M., Coles-Kemp, L. I’ve Got Something To Say: The Use Of Animation To Create A Meta-Story About Professional Identity. (pdf)


This paper presents a current experience animation as a way to present a co-produced meta-story, based on inductive research from interview data, about the professional identity of the information security practitioner community.

Author Biographies

Makayla Lewis has a passion for inductive Human Computer Interaction research. She completed a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at City University London’s Centre for HCI Design in 2012. Makayla uses user-centered design methods to draw out an understanding of how people influence the management of their data and how they use social networks to extend and maintain this influence. 

Lizzie Coles-Kemp is a qualitative researcher, interested in the everyday practices of information production, circulation, curation and consumption within a broad range of communities. Current interdisciplinary work includes: value sensitive design in public service delivery, cultural analysis in institutional security and the use of visual research methods in interdisciplinary research.