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Know a worthy non-profit in need of some fundage?  Point us to them and we'll feature them here. 


The We Are Signs Project is a clothing company that features a different shirt from a different artist every couple of days. Our goal is to spotlight artists from around the world and provide them with a new canvas to display their ideas upon, while also providing financial compensation for their creativity. That's why we give 35 percent of our profit to the artists who create the shirts on our website.

We also give 35 percent of our profit to one of the non-profit organizations that we believe makes this world a better place.  For example:
We believe that businesses can be machines that generate the necessary funds to bring about positive change in the world.  We also want to give individuals the opportunity to do something good for the planet just by buying the things they would ordinarily buy anyway.
Here's how it works:  Members of our mailing list will be asked to vote for one of the non-profit groups listed above,  once every month. The organization that gets the most votes gets the donation for that month.  
You can sign up any time to have a say whenever you'd like!

Additionally, anyone can submit designs to us at any time, and chances are pretty good that we will feature them and sell them on our website, and print them right here in Seattle.