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Preston Yee

Preston Yee is a senior in high school from Massachusetts.  He participated in a TaeKwon-Do sparring competition team as a 3rd Degree Black Belt, completed two Half Ironman Triathlons, and is a former President of Wakefield High School’s Art Club.

My FTC Story: I was a member of the FLL Team “We Are Robo” for 5 years, competing in the state competitions and the 2015 World Festival in St. Louis. My role at the time was the primary base robot builder.  I continued my participation in “We Are Robo” when it turned into a FTC team in 2016.

Role:  Software Developer

Favorite Part of FTC: Learning more about Java programming.

My Favorites

Food: Fried Rice, Fish

Sport: TaeKwon-Do, Triathlons, Skiing

Subject: Math, English, Computer Science

Activities: Art Club, National Honor Society, Chess Club

Animal: Tiger