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Current FTC Season (2017-2018)

1st Qualifier - Lexington, MA          1/7/18

We Are Robo was one of the three lucky teams who were chosen to advance to the State Competition.

We won two awards: the Innovate Award and the Winning Alliance Award.

Our team was the captain of the winning alliance with the Brainstormers, obtaining a score of 583, the highest score at the qualifier and the current 2nd highest score in the Relic Recovery challenge!

2nd Qualifier - Canton, MA           1/13/18

We Are Robo also competed at the second qualifier in Canton.

Our team was part of the winning alliance team and we also won the Think Award!

Massachusetts State Competition - Natick, MA           3/3/18 

After five preliminary rounds, We Are Robo was the only undefeated team out of 32 teams.

During one of the elimination rounds, our team nearly broke the world record of 633 points, with a performance of 623 points.

Our team won both the winning alliance award and control award!

We Are Robo was chosen to advance to the Eastern Super-Regional Tournament, along with four other teams.

East Super-Regional Competition -  Scranton, PA         3/16/18 

Our team was so excited to be part of the last East Super-Regional competition with 71 other FTC teams. It was so cool to meet all the different teams!

Our team was chosen as a first pick for an alliance, competing in the Super-regional semi-final elimination matches.

We Are Robo also ranked 10th in overall performance in our division, securing a spot in the 34 advancing teams to the World Competition! We can't wait!