Past Years

8 Years. 14 Members. 

We Are Robo has been a team since 2010, developing our FIRST skills, work ethic, and teamwork to become the team we are today. 

In 2016, We Are Robo separated into an FTC team and an FLL team. Our FLL team, We Are Robo Girls!, adopted a new member and progressed to states. 

In 2015, We Are Robo graduated two senior members from FLL and gained two new members. That year, our team continued to the state competition again.

In 2014, We Are Robo advanced to the World Competition, placing 10th in our robot game performance.

Throughout all We Are Robo's past years, our team has strived to be respectful, hard-working, and full of team spirit. We look forward to seeing all FTC teams during this year's competition. 

2015 - FLL

2013 - FLL

2011 - FLL

We are Robo!
Team 11100

2017 - FTC

2016 - FLL

2016 - FTC

2014 - FLL

2012 - FLL

2010 - FLL