Families and Personalities



There are several families in Eaton Bishop who span the whole of the 100 years.

The LEWIS family are detailed under their home, New Mills in the section on Houses. Mention has already been made of postmistress JONES whose grandmother, Mary D. was running the blacksmith’s shop 100 years ago. Today Mary Daw’s great great grandson Clifford, owns the forge where he was born in 1902. With the exception of 10 years it has been in the occupation of the same family for the full century. Another of Mrs Jones’ sons, Harvey, lives at Camp Villa, her daughter Vera lives with her and two grandsons named Lambert also live in the village.

The family of Mrs Kate LLOYD have lived in the black and white house (or Old Post Office) for at least 80 years. It was owned first by Robert Mason (who died at the age of 94 in 1918) and he sold it to his brother John in 1898. John’s daughter Mrs Jinks lived there and was followed by her daughter, Mrs Lloyd. Her son Fred now farms Westfields.

The WATKINS family go back to the middle of the last century when a Mr & Mrs Dawnes were living in what is now Mrs Mitchell’s cottage in Ruckhall. Their granddaughter married John Watkins in 1888 and she is still living, in her 87th year, in the village, having a son, two grandsons and a granddaughter also here.

Mrs Julia MITCHELL (90) we have mentioned as being born in a cottage in the grounds of Bolton’s Bank, married in the church and still living in Ruckhall.

Mrs Helen DAVIES, also 90, is a comparative newcomer - she only arrived in 1906 and has a son-in-law and two grandsons living in the village.

The son-in-law is Mr George Lloyd who came from Radnorshire in 1911 but who has played such an important part in village activities that he must have a place in this chapter.

He was for 36 years stud groom to Sir Charles Pulley and also People’s and latterly Rector’s Warden at the Church, Chairman of the Parish Council for 20 years, Chairman and Trustee of the Village Hall Committee and representative of Eaton Bishop on the Hereford RDC. Now 77 he is still a witty speaker at all local functions and a man who has served the village with loyal affection throughout his years here. His son and daughter-in-law live in the village also.

Mr William “Bill” Harris, is son of George Harris who was the village shoemaker 80 years ago. He has a son, a daughter, two nephews and a niece (the three Fleckners) living in the village.

Mr Gerald Mason of Honeymoor Common is in direct line of Postmaster Robert Mason, mentioned previously, who was his great grandfather. His sister Mrs Marjorie McColl also lives at Honeymoor.

Mrs Mary Price was born at Bolton’s Bank where her father, Tom Davies, stockman at Lane Head Farm, lived for many years.

Mrs William J. Goode, whose father was parish clerk, is another Ruckhall resident with a long Eaton Bishop ancestry.

Personalities now gone include Tom Perfrement, a cider retailer in an old cottage where Beth Car now stands - strangely enough a southerner like the housewife at Beth Car today - and one whose sharp Cockney wit and slight accent make him remembered. He was known as “Tom Perp”

Ben Morris who kept the Apple Tree Inn (now a cottage) was another character. He went to town to collect the Hereford Times and sold them as far afield as Stoke Edith; he sometimes brought fish round too and would fry the left-over stock for his customers at the Apple Tree.