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Eaton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Update June 2017 - Referendum date confirmed as Thursday 13th July

Herefordshire Council has confirmed that the Referendum for the Eaton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan will be held on Thursday 13th July in the Village Hall. The Referendum will be undertaken in a very similar way to local elections and will be organised by Herefordshire Council's Electoral Registration Team and Herefordshire Council will meet all the costs.

Everyone on the electoral register on the date of the vote within the referendum area is entitled to vote. Those eligible will receive a poll card detailing when and where to vote. In order for the NDP to be adopted by Herefordshire Council there must be a 'Yes' vote by 50% plus 1 of those turning out to vote. There is no minimum turnout for the referendum to be valid.

Further details are shown on the NDP page of the website.
Printed copies of the Neighbourhood Development Plan are available from Parish Councillors.

N.B. For those Parishioners that receive Tracking the News an incorrect date has been given and unfortunately printed before the error was spotted.

Update May 2017

With the completion of the Examination stage the Eaton Bishop NDP has been amended to include the recommendations of the External Examiner and has now been published. We are now at the Referendum stage which is organised by Herefordshire Council Electoral Services and we have been advised that it will take place in July. All Eaton Bishop parishioners who are eligible to vote will be able to do so on the due day.

As with any election it is important that people use their vote and in particular with this Referendum as the result affects all parishioners. It has taken 3 years of very hard work, dedication and sometimes frustration for the Parish Council Steering Group to put the NDP together, which in the simplest of terms allows the local community to have a direct role in planning development in Eaton Bishop and therefore it is important that everyone has their say.

The link to the plan can be found below

Update April 2017.

The Eaton Bishop Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has now passed the examination stage of the process.


The Examiner states in 5.3 of the report;

“I am pleased to recommend to Herefordshire Council that the Eaton Bishop Neighbourhood Plan should, subject to the modifications I have put forward, proceed to referendum”.


The Examiners Report Link is below.

Click here to read the Examiners Report.


Final Version of Neighbourhood Development Plan Link is below.


The referendum will possibly be in July (to be confirmed).

Progression to Examination

The Regulation 16 phase has now been completed and the Policy Team has commented that the Plan is in general conformity with the Core Strategy. The Progression to Examination document has been signed to proceed to examination, and will be sent off to NPIERS for examiner selection in the New Year.

November Update

Regulation 16 plan stage

Eaton Bishop Parish Council submitted their Neighbourhood Development Plan to Herefordshire Council on 17 October 2016.

The plan and supporting documents are available on the Neighbourhood Development sections of this website and you can also find information on the following link.

The plans can also be viewed at Hereford Customer Service Centre and Hereford Library.

The consultation runs from 25 October 2016 to 6 December 2016.

October Update

After eight weeks of consultation various responses to the draft Eaton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan
have been received. After consideration Kirkwells and members of the Steering Group have agreed amendments to reflect some of the comments and recommendations made.  The revised plan is available here to Parishioners along with a Consultation Statement and a Basic Conditions Statement.

The Parish Council will discuss the amended plan at the next meeting on 12th October 7.30pm and if agreed the plan and other documents will be submitted to Herefordshire County Council for further consultation and then examination.

As usual there is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions on matters that concern them at the start of the meeting. 

Relevant documents are placed below. The Representation Form can be downloaded, completed and returned.

Consultation Statement – Autumn 2016

Draft ‘Basic Conditions’ Statement - Paragraph 8, schedule 4b

Click here for the SEA  Assessment Report

Click here for the HRA  Assessment Report

Planning Policy Assessment Evidence Base Review Click on this link to view the Planning Policy Assessment Evidence Base Review     

Call for Sites Assessment Report. Click this link to view or download the Site Assessment Report

Eaton Bishop Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group

 June update


 Following the informal consultation process in April the Steering Group has considered the comments received and with the help of Kirkwells written a response document.  This document is now available (click below)

Link to Consultation Document.

The draft Neighbourhood Development Plan is now being amended to reflect some of the comments and will be presented to the Parish Council for approval shortly.  The Plan then goes forward to Reg 14 formal consultation with various organisations and is open to further public comment.



Eaton Bishop Parish
Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group
Notice of Meeting

There will be a short meeting of the Steering Group immediately before the Parish Council Meeting on 11th May 2016. Starting at 7pm in the Village Hall.
Note PC meeting starts at 7.30pm
Update and summary for members of group on consultation issues identified as a result of the three-week consultation period ending 23rd April.

Work on the issues identified as a result of the consultation is at an early stage and is ongoing, there will be no proposed amendments to the draft plan discussed at this meeting.
Note -  A monthly and annual report will be made to the Parish Council meeting later in the evening.


Eaton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan Update

March/April 2016

Planning Policy Assessment Evidence Base Review Click on this link to view the Planning Policy Assessment Evidence Base Review     

Call for Sites Assessment Report. Click this link to view or download the Site Assessment Report

Comment Form - (please return by April 23rd)          Click here to download

Another useful link is the Herefordshire County Council website, Neighbourhood Planning section where additional information is available. This includes an environmental assessment and various information regarding Eaton Bishop NDP.

Eaton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan Update

February 2016.


Following the Call for Sites exercise, the 21 sites submitted for consideration were independently assessed by Kirkwells Planning Consultants, who were engaged by the Parish Council to undertake the exercise.

The Site Assessment Report was discussed at a meeting of the Steering Group on the evening of the 11th of February.  The report proposed 8 of the sites be taken forward in the plan, potentially providing sites for 30 houses over the next 15 years (to 2031). The Steering Group agreed with the recommendations of the report as being appropriate for the reasons given in the report and summarised below:-

Recommended choice of sites;_Sites 2,4,7 & 16 – Eaton Bishop – 25 houses  Sites 5,18,19, & 20 – Ruckhall – 5 houses

A further 4 houses have been completed since 2011 with another 5 awaiting completion. Thus, the target of at least 33 houses set by Herefordshire Council has been achieved.

All chosen sites relate well to existing built forms of the settlements for proportionate development by the Herefordshire Council Local Plan Core Strategy 2011 – 2031 and the required main focus on EB with the lesser focus on the development of Ruckhall. The proposed choice of sites for development will result in > 80% of the development located in EB with <20% in Ruckhall.

None significantly extend the boundaries of existing settlements into open countryside. None reduce the separation of EB and Ruckhall. None encourage future linear development or in-filling – especially between EB & Ruckhall. Also, resulting from the recommendations, proposed settlement boundaries were agreed around the two settlements of Eaton Bishop and Ruckhall. The Steering Group’s recommendations will be discussed at a Special Meeting of the Parish Council shortly.

It is proposed that there will be a public presentation of the draft plan when all sites will be displayed along with the proposed sites, sometime in late March or early April. At this meeting there will be the opportunity for Parishioners to express their views and comments, which will be taken into consideration before taking the plan forward.

Eaton Bishop Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group.

Update January 2016.

The deadline for Site Submissions for consideration of inclusion into the plan closed on 31st December 2015.  The details were outlined to the Parish Council meeting on 13th January 2016.  We have received 21 Site Submissions and a Plan and list of details are displayed on the notice board by the Village Hall and by the phone box in Ruckhall.


Kirkwells Planning Consultants will now undertake an independent Site Assessment of the proposals and prepare a report for consideration of the Steering Group and Parish Council. 


The next Parish Council meeting is on Wednesday 10th of February 2016, the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) will as usual be on the agenda.  There will also be a Public question time of 10 minutes at the start of the meeting where members of the public have the opportunity to ask any questions on any matter they wish to bring to the attention of the Parish Council.


The NDP Steering Group will meet on Thursday the 11th February at 7.15pm in the Village Hall; this meeting is also open to the general public.  The process will continue with the group considering the report from Kirkwells on the sites submitted.


Early in the Spring we will hold another Public Meeting to consult on a draft Plan and at this stage maps and details of all sites selected will be on display. The general public will have the opportunity to express their views of the plan and sites and this feedback will be further considered before amending the plan accordingly. 


The final plan will be subject to further public consultation and to examination by a Government Planning Inspector and then put to a vote of Parishioners.

Call for Sites - CLOSED

Residents will probably be aware already that, as part of the national drive for more housing, Herefordshire Council requires our Parish to accommodate at least 33 new houses between 2011 and 2031. At first sight this number of developments could significantly change the character of the Parish. However, when phased over the next 15 years, this rate of increase is similar to that seen since 2001.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan that the Parish Council is preparing will allow the village community to have some control over the overall development. Without such a Plan, Herefordshire Council will determine planning in the Parish.

 To inform this study, the Parish Council is inviting landowners, developers and others with an interest in developing land or sites within their control, to submit details of their sites.

 All offered sites will then be evaluated by independent assessors for their suitability.

In general, all new developments will be required to be sited on land that lies withinor adjacent to the existing settlements of Eaton Bishop or Ruckhall. Proposals for development elsewhere in the Parish, which is considered “open countryside”, will be subject to significant constraints and is unlikely to be approved in most cases. Responses to the Questionnaire earlier this year, showed a clear preference for individual houses of varying sizes with good sized gardens, or small clusters of five houses or less.

If you are interested in offering land to provide a site for development please contact, by 30 November 2015:


Leon Wolverson

Chairman of the NDP Steering Group


Ruckhall Lane

Eaton Bishop


Telephone: 01981 250892 


The site submission form is located at the top of this page


Eaton Bishop Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group.

Update August 2015.


We would like to take this opportunity to update residents on the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the Parish. Since the update letter delivered in May things have moved on and, whilst Herefordshire Council's Strategic Plan has still not been finally agreed, some changes have become a little clearer with regards the proposed NDP for the Parish.

We are now working on the assumption that the housing target set for our Parish is 33 new homes. Houses built or where planning permission has been granted since 2011 will count towards our target and this leaves approximately 20 houses to be built up to 2031.  As you are aware, if we, as a Parish don’t prepare a plan as to where these houses should be built along with their size and style, then Herefordshire Council will prepare a plan for our Parish without the requirement to consider local parishioners' views. The Parish Council therefore decided in June to resume work on the plan and the Steering Group has made some progress.

Whilst it is likely that the local community will prefer that most of these proposed houses are built within or around  the main settlement areas of Eaton Bishop and Ruckhall consideration will be given to whether individual houses or small developments should be allowed in other parts of the Parish.  However, first and foremost, the Steering Group will be guided by the responses to the initial public questionnaire findings and further public consultation as the plan develops. The final plan will be subject to a vote of Parishioners organised by Herefordshire Council, and we hope that this will be during the spring or early summer 2016.

We have been successful in our application for a grant to fund the cost of the plan and Kirkwells, planning consultants, have been appointed to help guide the process. A first draft plan should be available in the autumn. We will present this draft to parishioners to gauge support and note comment and the plan, where appropriate, will be subsequently amended.

The NDP is an agenda item for all Parish Council meetings and members of the public are welcome to come along and hear the latest news and progress.  The next meeting of the Steering Group will be in the Village Hall on evening of September 17th.  Details will be posted on the Village notice board nearer the time.


For more information please contact

Leon Wolverson Eaton Bishop Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group.  

or the Parish Clerk Mr Peter Rowland


Important information for

Eaton Bishop Parishioners



Herefordshire Council’s Core Development Strategy has been severely criticised by the Government Inspector, and the Council are proposing changes that, if confirmed, would have a dramatic impact on our Neighbourhood Development Plan.

 Originally, the proposed 18% housing growth target was based on the number of properties in the main Village; now it would apply to the total number in the Parish.

 This means we would need to plan for 31 new houses not 16.  This figure of 31 would now become the minimum - it could be more!

The total increase would represent a development as big as Pulley Avenue.

 Our Plan would have to define settlement boundaries for Eaton Bishop & Ruckhall.

All proposed houses would have to be be situated within these boundaries.

 The Plan would also have to identify sites AND demonstrate delivery.

This would inevitably bring forward development of sites before 2031.

 Houses to be built in Ruckhall were to have been restricted in size AND built in response to the needs of local people only. Now there would to be no restriction on size or who they are for.

The Parish Council has written to object to the proposed changes and highlight how they adversely affect our Parish.

 The elections for Herefordshire County Council and the ongoing consultation on changes to their Core Strategy Document, could mean a delay of several months before we know exactly what the requirements are for a Neighbourhood Plan to conform with both National and Local Policy.

 The Parish Council has, therefore, decided to pause progress on the Neighbourhood Plan until the proposed changes to the Herefordshire Core Strategy are finalised.

When we know what the final requirements for a Neighbourhood Development Plan are we will hold a public meeting to discuss how they affect our Parish.


Please see below for a summary of responses to the Questionnaire.




 More than 100 people attended the Open Afternoon on March 7th, and 127 Questionnaires were returned. In some cases, responses represented the joint views of family members.

 Of those received, 123 individuals lived in the Parish, and 24 were either landowners or worked here.

105 indicated their age group, 82 being aged between 50 and 84 years.

There was a 56% - 44% female to male split.

All parts of the Parish were represented roughly in proportion to the relative densities of the population.

 87% supported the principle that Eaton Bishop should produce a NDP.

 Areas considered suitable for building additional housing were widespread throughout the Parish with infill of Eaton Bishop receiving most support.

71% preferred a mixture of small developments and individual plots over larger developments. 

68% stated that a single, large development of 16+ houses would be unacceptable.

49% supported the construction of some ”affordable housing” for rent.

82% felt that such housing should be for sale.

76% indicated that new housing should be for sale on the open market.

 53% viewed the future of the Parish as a residential dormitory for larger areas of employment.

42% anticipated the Parish as a mix of residential and small commercial companies.

71% felt that businesses suited to the rural environment of Eaton Bishop should be encouraged.

 25 respondents live in bungalows whilst 101 live in houses.

None considered that they lived in “affordable housing” or in “eco-friendly” accommodation.

62% did not anticipate a need to change their type of accommodation before 2031.

38% anticipated they would need to change to warden-assisted housing and bungalows. 

37% thought adaptation of their current accommodation to meet future needs was a possibility.

42% did not feel this option to be realistic.

There was also support for future housing development to be eco-friendly.  Conservation of the environment of the Parish, protection of wildlife habitats, reducing the carbon footprint and protection of the natural and historic heritage all received significant majority support. Views were less polarised about the importance of reducing risks of flooding.

 There was a general consensus about the need for infrastructure improvements to accompany an expansion of housing. Top priority (94%) was road maintenance, improvement to surface water drainage (60%), sewage systems (54%), broadband (84%), mobile phone coverage (68%), and better provision of public transport (74%). Less importance was given to better electricity supply (35%), gas supply (38%) and recycling and rubbish collections (34%).

 Several other views supported the reinstatement of local amenities such as a pub, shop and school which could help attract younger people to the village. There was also concern about the increased pressures on services such as the doctors’ surgery and schools, which are shared with neighbouring villages.


Eaton Bishop Neighbourbood Development Plan

Your chance to have YOUR say about the future of Eaton Bishop Parish

 What’s happening ?

 The government has introduced a “Localism Act” to give residents more of a say in the development of their own parish.  A key part of this is the creation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) by the local community and the Parish Council, which has legal status and will be used to influence future planning decisions for the parish.

 What’s the next step?

 A small steering group has been formed and tasked by the Parish Council to involve and consult with the community. At this very early stage we still need more volunteers to join the steering group, and in the next few weeks we will distribute information and hold a meeting at the Village Hall to start the process of consultation and preparing a plan.

 As part of the public consultation event we will prepare a questionnaire to get your views on how the Village could be improved as development proposals come forward.  In the Herefordshire Core Strategy Eaton Bishop Village is earmarked for 18% increase in houses (approx. 16) Developers may propose more than this, with a Plan in place we can have a say in where they should be built and what they should look like,

 Other issues will need to be considered such as transport, employment, infrastructure this will be your chance to give your opinion on such matters.

 We will be updating this website with information and progress during 2015 so watch this space.

 For more information look for updates on this website and at the Parish Council meetings or contact members of the Steering Group

 Leon Wolverson  Chairman of Steering Group

David Richards    Volunteer Co-ordinator 

Astrid Mick         Secretary of Steering Group

Tim Coleman       Finance Co-ordinator   

On Saturday 7th March, the first meeting to explain the Neighbourhood Development Plan was held at Eaton Bishop Village Hall. Refreshments were served and parishioners had the opportunity to come and find out what it is all about. During the duration of the meeting, there were over 100 people who came in to find out what the Neighbourhood Development Plan was all about. Questionnaires were also circulated at the meeting to obtain the views of the parish.

Both the Steering Group and the Parish Council would like to thank all those who attended. Many thanks also to those who worked tirelessly in preparing and serving refreshments. It was great to see so many people interested in shaping how the parish is going to develop in the future.

The majority of the questionnaires are now in. There are still a few questionnaires outstanding and we would be grateful if these could be returned as soon as possible so that they can be processed. As soon as the results have been summarised, these will be published and the community will be updated. For any further meetings or announcements, watch this space.

Finally, congratulations to J. Davies from Pulley Avenue who won the “Spot the Treasure” competition. The treasure was next to the pond on Honeymoor Common!

Thank you all once again for the tremendous support.