April Minutes




HELD ON 8th  April 2015


Present:    Mr R Christopher (Chairman), Mr A Lifely, Mr L Wolverson, Ms A Mick,

15/21        Mrs C Hanks and Mr J Johnson

                Apologies from Mr D Richards and in attendance: Cllr. D Taylor,

                There were no Declarations of interest


Minutes: The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11th March had been circulated and

15/22    displayed. An amendment was made to Minute 15/17 a. The last sentence to read “Of the 85 who    attended and completed the questionnaire and ‘voted’, 75 were in favour of an NDP’. The minutes were then approved and signed.


Matters arising:

15/23   a. Neighbour Plan. The Core Strategy has still not been finalised and details appear to be contradictory so, at the moment the Steering Group are keeping a careful watch on what is going on before making any major commitment. The Elections are now on the horizon and it was considered that it would be best to wait until they are over. The NDP Steering Group has summarised the Questionnaire responses and will present them to the Parish in the form of a flyer after the Elections..

               b. Littlemarsh Common. Mrs Hanks and her team of volunteers are continuing their good work on Littlemarsh and will be writing to the Commoners regarding getting the Common grazed.


Planning: Planning Applications:

15/24    a. Planning application P150687 Upper Wormhill Farm – Request to relocate an agricultural Building – no objections were raised.

b. Application P150632 The Bull Pen Lane Head Farm - Proposed Change of use of an agricultural building to a dwelling house – No objections

c.. Application for Prior Approval to use an agricultural building at Upper Wormhill Farm to form 2 dwellings and 1 holiday let – No objections


Finance: a. The Precept for 2015/16 bid for £7,000 had been accepted. This includes £218 as Council Tax

15/25     Support Grant. (CTSG).

              b. Cheque required for the following were signed:

    i..John Smith Charity - £160 for Cook’s Charity portion of the Easter Grant.

  c. The Parish had received £2193.10 under the Environmental Stewardship Scheme for Littlemarsh – the Chairman thanked Mrs Hanks for all her efforts to get this support.


Other Items. A complaint had been received regarding the state of the stile on the bend by Honeysuckle Cottage which crosses to Crossway Farm – the Footpath Officer has this in hand.          




Date of next meeting:- Wednesday 13th May following

The Annual Parish Meeting  @ 7.30pm



  1. Police.   Urgent 101 – Emergency 999 – Control 0300 333 3000
  2. Golden Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team

PC Tom Milton; PCSO Fiona Witcher - PCSO Paul Davies

N.B. Only use the mobile number to leave non urgent messages for them, the phones are not monitored when they are on leave or rest days and your message may not be dealt with for some time.

                             c. Community Protection Team. 01432 261761 or 261800