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Bozeman 9-11Truth

People promoting Change

There are a growing number of people in America who want to discuss the events of September 11th, 2001. Many documents exist to cover this subject, and miles of video footage have been collected from a variety of sources.

What we have noticed- and what scares us most- is the unwillingness of any government agency to talk about September 11th. What are they afraid of?


World Trade Center

On September 11th, 2001 two hijacked jetliners crashed into Towers One & Two at the World Trade Center, New York City. Each skyscraper folded neatly into itself- as though it was a planned demolition. Debris from the buildings jettisoned outward AND UPWARD as though it had come from an explosion. People inside and outside Towers One & Two reported many explosions. Firefighters in the building radioed in that they had also heard explosions.

Six and a half hours later World Trade Center Seven - a 47 story skyscraper- also collapsed onto its own foot print, with the penthouse falling first. Explosion ‘crimps’ were photographed at a point in a line going down the building’s interior. There are fires on 3 consecutive floors of Building Seven, about 6 floors from the ground. Spot fires are seen here and there on the building.

Prior to September 11th, no steel frame building had ever collapsed from fire alone. On this day- three steel framed buildings collapsed, and only two of the three were hit by airplanes.


Third Target Hit

Over one hour after the attack on the World Trade Center a third airliner supposedly hit the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

We are told that Flight 77- a Boeing 757 flying at 600 mph- plunged into the 5 story Pentagon somewhere between the 3rd and 5th floor. Only one of the big 5 news networks showed footage of the impact point - before the roof had collapsed. Once the roof collapsed- the remaining networks began showing footage of a smoky gaping square hole. The entire room- on all 5 floors one atop the other- had collapsed. CNN aired footage of the hole before the roof gave way- and the hole appears to be round and no more than 20 feet in diameter, probably less. The wing span on a 757 is 140 feet.

911 ‘debunker’ and magazine editor Jim Meigs claims that the massive 757 jetliner made a 16 foot hole in the 3rd ring of the Pentagon because the wings disintegrated on impact. The Pentagon has 5 sides, 5 floors and 5 rings- one inside the other . The Meigs debunker piece shows the 16 foot hole in the 3rd ring BUT FAILS TO SHOW THE HOLE IN THE OUTER RING BEFORE THE ROOF COLLAPSED. I have this footage- would you like to see it? Do you think researcher Meigs has this footage? Why do you suppose this ‘debunker’ failed to give you all the information available?.

The Meigs debunker piece claims that the wings "melted" and yet later on shows what appears to be an airplane skin section whose paint is unscathed. This supposed airplane piece is way back near the parking area –nowhere near the point of impact.. This is most strange as no other pieces of any airplane are seen anywhere. With the exception of that one mysterious piece, no other wreckage is seen –ANYWHERE. No titanium engines, no plane seats, no clothing from the baggage department. We are shown footage of a line of officers marching over the area, inspecting the ground and picking up anything of any size. There are many small- palm size or less pieces, but nothing bigger. Why are these people disturbing the crime scene?

We were also shown footage of Don Rumsfield outside the pentagon helping to carry ‘victims’ who were injured. Imagine that! The top man for the US military leaves his fortified bunker to help the poor victims



The attack had been going on for almost two hours and somehow Rummy knew it was over? This smacks of a lie- especially when you consider that ABC TV was reporting that a 4th airliner was coming up the Potomac and heading for the Pentagon. This occurred AFTER the supposed 757 hit the Pentagon. I have footage of a reporter telling us that a plane is coming up the Potomac- would you like to see it? Why is this information not mainstream?


AP reporter John J. Lumpkin interviewed government spokesman Art Haubold on August 22nd, 2002. Haubold said that the government was running exercises on the morning of September 11th.
By JOHN J. LUMPKIN Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- In what the government describes as a bizarre coincidence, one U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise last Sept. 11 in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings. But the cause wasn’t terrorism - it was to be a simulated accident. "Officials at the Chantilly, Va.-based National Reconnaissance Office had scheduled an exercise that morning in which a small corporate jet would crash into one of the four towers at the agency’s headquarters building after experiencing a mechanical failure." "It was just an incredible coincidence that this happened to involve an aircraft crashing into our facility," Haubold said. Adding to the coincidence, American Airlines Flight 77 - the Boeing 767 that was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon - took off from Dulles at 8:10 a.m. on Sept. 11, 50 minutes before the exercise was to begin. It struck the Pentagon around 9:40 a.m., killing 64 aboard the plane and 125 on the ground. Controllers on the ground and pilots in the air were unsure whether the event was "real world or exercise". The greatest airforce in the world was on stand-down, while it’s biggest city was being attacked. The airforce remained on stand-down as another civilian airliner struck the Pentagon, the military nerve center of the United States. Within a hour of the Attack the major news sources were telling us that Osama Bin Laden was the culprit. We are told that Osama is a cave dwelling Arab militia leader who is hiding in Afghanistan. Osama was the mastermind controlling 19 Arab suicide hijackers. These foreigners hijacked the planes with mere box cutters and then expertly piloted them into the WTC and the Pentagon. The hijackers turned off the navigation and tracking beacons and were flying by line-of-sight vision only. They were able to locate and destroy 3 of 4 targets in a foreign country while travelling at 600 mph from thousands of feet in the air. What kind of pilot could pull that feat off? A 4th airliner was hijacked: flight 93. We were told that the passengers made phone calls to report the hijacking. They overtook the hijackers and somehow forced the plane to crash into a field near Sharpsville, Pennsylvania. The Big Networks reported a rumor that our own fighter jets had shot down flight 93- this report on September 11th in the middle of the day. None of the networks showed any footage of the wreckage of Flight 93. If the passengers really did overtake the hijackers, why did it crash? Have you seen any footage of flight 93? James Meigs claims that no wreckage exists for 93 because it went completely into the ground. Some people reported airplane parts miles away. Meigs delves into the argument by stating the pieces found were only one mile away, not 2 or 3. Meigs kills his own story: did the airplane disappear into the ground- or did it break up in flight and scatter for at least a mile? Now this mysterious report- the Cleveland airport announced that Flight 93 had landed before the event on the morning of Sept.11 Was 93 suppose to hit WTC 7 and somehow the plan went awry? Many people have stated that WTC 7 was a planned demolition- by the way that it fell neatly into itself. Some suggest that 93 was to hit 7 just as 1 & 2. The charges were already in place- so WTC 7 had to be demolished s the plan stated, airplane or not. All speculation. The above information is completely documented. In the six years since September 11th, our government has yet to support its claim that Osama was behind the Attack. They have yet to give any reasonable explanation why WTC Seven collapsed. They have yet to show any evidence of an airliner hitting the Pentagon. They have yet to show any wreckage of flight 93 No one is being held accountable for the military’s lack of response. Osama Bin Laden has not been captured and no one has been brought to trial for the events of September 11th. The only man that was charged with anything to do with September 11th has been in jail since BEFORE the event. What HAS the government has done since September 11th? They have removed several of our Rights, which existed prior to September 11th. What they have done is to cause the death of 100,000 to 500,000 (some say even more) brown skinned people who have nothing at all to do with September 11th. By the government’s own admission- we now face a growing army throughout the Middle East and Middle Asia: Al Quida. Instead of reducing our enemy by attacking him, we have caused him to grow- this according to the U.S. government itself. Next consider the matter of the death of 3,000 to 10,000 Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan- SINCE September 11th. While most learned people will admit that September 11th had nothing to do with the war in Iraq, the honest among them will also admit that the general population of America truly believes that September 11th is connected to the War. This is not a stretch when we consider that the Administration perpetrated the lie that September 11th IS INDEED connected to Iraq, weapons of mass destruction and the supposed ‘war of terror’. back to the top

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The official sequence of events on 9-11-01:

0840 FAA notifies NEADS of hijacked plane- flight 11

0843 FAA notifies NEADS of hijacked plane- flight 175

0846 flight 11 impact WTC 1

0846 Fighters scramble Falmouth, Mass

0852 fighters airborne- Falmouth Mass.

0924 FAA notifies NEADS of hijacked plane –flight 77

0924 fighters scramble Langley AFB-Virginia

0930 fighters airborne Langley AFB- Virginia

0937 flight 77 impact into Pentagon

N/A flight 93- 3rd hijacked plane

10:03 crashed in Pennsyvania

At 8:46 am EDT flight 11 hit the 95th floor of Tower 1.

At 9:03 am EDT flight 175 stuck Tower 2 at about the 90th floor.

These buildings are 110 stories tall.

The ‘4th plane’


4th hijacked airplane was supposedly lost off the radar screens and its onboard tracking mechanism was disabled. Dan Rather of CBS news reported that this plane was heading for the Capitol. Where did Rather get this information? Did the U.S. military inform him?

How did these apparently very fierce hijackers disable the onboard tracking device AND defeat the ground radar stations- both commercial and military? The hijackers were supposedly flying by line of sight only- no instruments- and in a foreign country. Yet they located 3 of 4 targets without a hitch.

The Pentagon had already been hit when news anchors stated that the 4th plane was going to hit the White House or the Capitol. The news media then reported that the plane crashed near Camp David, Maryland.

Next the media reported that the plane had crashed in Pennsylvania, not Maryland. Anchorman Dan Rather admitted that there was "

some confusion".

Ya, sounds like it.

If the 4th plane was heading to Washington AFTER the Pentagon was hit, wouldn’t the Air Force blow it out of the sky? The politicians and citizens would need protection, right? Some people believe that the military DID shoot down plane #4. The media was the first to break that story, stating that this was only a rumor, on 9-11-01! If the ‘shoot down’ story was true, then the government and media were lying about the Pennsylvania crash (Flight 93), saying that the crash was ‘caused by patriotic passengers’. If the ‘patriot passengers’ story was true, then the military is a complete failure in its duty to defend the Capitol city. This failure occurred after Dan Rather warned the nation and the military, about this 4th plane. The military had plenty of time to shoot down a 4th attack plane. But they say they did no such thing.

Something smelled bad about this whole story. It was hard to believe that any of it was entirely true. If the terrorists where these technical geniuses that could hit any target they wanted- and if the main target was the Great Satan- the U.S.A., then why not hit:

-The statue of liberty

-The Washington Monument

-The Capitol

-The White House

or all 4?


Instead of picking a really strong symbol- such as Washington Monument- the terrorists pick WTC 1 & 2 and the Pentagon, which are full of office workers.

The Pentagon was also a bad choice, because it is unlikely that a lumbering jumbo jet could get through to the most fortified building above ground, especially with radar ears on the Pentagon.

Most of us out here in ‘fly over country’ knew very little about the World Trade Center and until 9-11-01, most of us could not tell you where the Pentagon is located.

You want to terrorize us out here in the Wild West, blow up somethin we can identify (if you do-you will be punished).

We have been told for years that our military is the fiercest on earth. We pay good money to be protected by the military. We even sacrifice our lives so that the military can do its job.

Now you tell me that a handful of foreigners with pocketknives defeated the world’s greatest airforce?

I don’t buy it!

The entire story begs to be investigated.

All day long the TV news programs repeated the footage of the impact of the Towers and the perfect ‘fall to the middle’ implosions. IT WENT STRAIGHT DOWN. The buildings crumbled inward like a controlled demolition AND there were huge pieces being blown outward AND UPWARD. Both buildings fell fairly uniformly and yet the planes hit each building in a different spot. It didn’t make sense. The official explanation for these Towers would only make things worse.

I began to think about the Pentagon: if the baddest military on the planet can’t stop a defenseless civilian jumbo jet, how are they going to stop an attack missile from real military force? Later I discovered some very disturbing news:

The military did not try to stop the attack of 9-11-01.

Not in Washington and not in New York.

Your bought and paid for military stood there as ‘someone’ murdered 3000 taxpayers. If the military couldn’t even defend their own headquarters, what good are they?

One year after 9-11-01 AP reporter John J. Lumpkin discovered that the Military was on stand down that Day. The reason for the stand down alarmed me greatly:

The Air Force was running multiple simulated war games on 9-11-01. In one scenario- hijacked airliners were crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon around 9 am on 9-11-01. General Myers of the Joint Chiefs calls this a "bizarre coincidence".

CIA spokesman Art Haubold called the Pentagon crash and the ongoing war games "an incredible coincidence"

Some flight controllers and fighter pilots were unaware that the WTC attacks were real. I found an audiotape of one air traffic controller who is saying

‘is this real world or exercise?’

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--------------Building number Seven------------------

About 4:30 Montana time I was watching CBS TV and heard Dan Rather commenting on yet a THIRD building that went down in New York. When I tell most people this THIRD building story they say they never heard of any THIRD building going down. Dan Rather didn’t say much about this 3rd building-which is called ‘WTC # 7’, ‘75 Barclay Street’ or ‘the Solomon Building’.

Building Seven houses the Emergency Management office for New York City, CIA office, Port Authority etc.

Larry Silverstein is the owner of WTC 1, 2 and 7. PBS-TV made a documentary on 9-11-01, for the one-year anniversary. In the interview- owner Silverstein said of building Seven:

"they made the decision to pull it",

‘decided to pull’.

Later in the PBS interview, demolition experts used the word ‘pull’ in reference to demolishing other buildings in the World Trade complex. When later questioned about this curious remark, Silverstein claimed he was referring to the firefighters in the building.

There was then a national uproar in the 911 truth movement over Silverstein’s remark. To state that we decided to pull "IT" , and then later claim that ‘it’ really means firefighters in the building- is an outrage. Men that protect us from fire are called firefighters, not ‘IT’. Fire departments are called ‘the’ and not ‘it’. Silverstein’s explanation defies the PBS definition heard later in the same show. Silverstein’s comment defies common sense. Why would you evacuate fighters for a few small fires only? NO PLANE hit WTC 7!

Did the firefighters get out because their bosses got a phone call from someone?

In the PBS-TV documentary of 9-11-01, demolition experts are explaining how they would "pull" buildings 4, 5 and 6 (December 2001) – to demolish them.

It seems clear that to "pull" a building means ‘to demolish it’.

Silversteins remark ‘made the decision to pull’ is astonishing!

The official explanation for WTC 1 & 2 is that the fire melted the steel frame of the buildings and they gave way.

On 9-11-01 CBS news said that WTC 7 came down because it was "weakened".

Fire authorities remarked that all firefighters were evacuated at 11 a.m. EDT on September 11th (about 30 minutes after WTC One collapsed). Six and a half-hours after the firefighters were evacuated- WTC 7 collapsed. This building collapsed by first breaking in the middle. Next -the penthouse starts falling into the center; the walls fold inward. WTC 7 landed exactly onto its own footprint. Dan Rather said it looked like a purposeful demolition.

Other buildings in the Complex had more fires and much more physical damage- yet they remained standing until they were brought down by demolition experts months later.

Mayor Rudy Guilliani was told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. He was told this sometime BEFORE the first collapse at 10 am EDT.

Someone also told firefighters that building Seven was going to collapse. Firemen were seen crowding people away from Seven, saying there would be a collapse.

Employees evacuated the building between 10:15 and 10:30. Firefighters apparently entered building Seven after 10:30 am and were evacuated around 11:00 am. Who gave the order to evacuate the firefighters and why? Is seems obvious someone tipped them off.



The timeline for building Seven:

About 9:00 am the first plane hit Tower One, 9:15 second plane hits Tower Two. About 10 am Tower Two falls, 10:30 Tower One falls.

At 12:58 p.m. EDT Mayor Rudy Guiliani told ABC’s Peter Jennings:

"we were trapped for about 10-15 minutes"

(in building number Seven).

Peter: "did you go immediately to the office of emergency management?"

Rudy: "I went down to the scene and we set up headquarters at 75 Barclay street which was right there with the police commissioner, fire commissioner, the head of emergency management and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade center was going to collapse and it did collapse before we could actually get out of the building so we were trapped in the building for 10-15 minutes and finally found an exit and got out walked north and took a lot of people with us."

Peter: "my question is the office of emergency management headquarters into which you put enormous effort for co-ordination in a disaster like this .. Has it been damaged, is it still operating, it’s gone?"

Rudy: "oh yes, it’s ah, it ah, been damaged, don’t know how badly, and right now that whole area of Manhattan including the police department, which is another area we would operate from city hall is another area we would operate from has been closed off, so we have moved to a secure area in mid-town Manhattan where we would operate city government." "no one could possibly expect large airplanes to crash into the World Trade Center"

At 1:30 p.m. EDT Mayor Gulliani talked to CBS. Dan Rather asked: "So there are other buildings there that are affected by this?"


"I was in one of them. 75 Barclay Street and when, when, ah, the first tower collapsed, it, it created a tremendous smoke condition that hit our building, we were trapped in our building for maybe 10-15 minutes."

At 4:33 p.m. EDT CBS shows clear footage of Building Number

Seven. There are no fires visible.

At 4:37 p.m. EDT Dan Rather announces that buildings 5 and 7 are

on fire. Footage is shown with dark smoke coming from

behind Seven

At 4:47 p.m. EDT CBS shows footage of Seven from the ground

looking up. Three floors are on fire, flames in windows

At 4:49 p.m. CBS shows footage of Seven with a few fires on the

near side.

At 4:53:10 CBS runs a banner on bottom of the screen saying:

WTC 5&7 are on fire and near collapse.

At 5:30 Building # Seven

collapses straight down.

At 6:37pm EDT CBS reporter Byron Pitts made the following statement:


about an hour ago World Trade Center building number seven collapsed, a 42 story building weakened by the devastation and that occurred earlier today"


read carefully- not a misprint]

Footage was shown of the 3rd building collapsing- all walls fell inward as with a purposeful demolition.

At 9:05 pm. EDT ABC reporter Scott Pelly:

"through the day an inferno raged in world trade center building number 7, another massive office tower. Firefighters feared that it would collapse and a little more than 8 hours after the attack, the abandon building fell, 47 stories in the street."

(footage is shown of a small flame coming from the backside of

the building)

In 2004 Popular Mechanics Magazine produced a ‘debunker’ article about the ‘conspiracy theories’ surrounding 9-11-01. In January of 2005 (date?) radio host Art Bell interviewed the magazine producer-Benjamin Chertoff. While no audio was played from the PBS Silverstein comment- at least one caller brought up the comment (they made the decision to pull it). The caller only referred to half of Silverstein’s ‘pull’ remark: "We made the decision to pull". Chertoff claimed that Silverstein really meant that they decided to pull the firefighters out of Seven. In telling this explanation, both Chertoff and Bell repeatedly leave off the word "it" as with the secondly listed quote and simply said that Silverstein had stated ‘we decided to pull’. With the word ‘it’ removed- Silverstein could very well have been talking about firefighters. But with the word ‘it’ in place- the meaning is clear. No literate man would dare call firefighters ‘it’. So the alert listeners are left with the question:

Did Silverstein really say "they made the decision to pull it".


Find out for yourself. Listen to the PBS interview. By the way, Benjamin Chertoff is a cousin of Homeland Security director Michael Chertoff.

WTC 7 is a very strange story, hard to swallow: a wall of smoke from the collapsing WTCs pinned Mayor Guiliani in the building and was trapped for 10-15 minutes(that’s his story!). Then officials evacuated the entire building. Six to Seven hours later the building caught fire and then collapsed.

Building Seven was the emergency command center for New York City, and yet a wall of smoke and a few small fires brought it down. Hmmm…

There was no official explanation for WTC 7 until August of 2008. Most people didn’t even know WTC 7 existed, let alone collapsed.

The official NIST report of 2008: the fire alone brought down Seven. Meigs earlier claim of ‘one third of the Building was scooped out’ -was withdrawn. They are all on the same page now: fire brought down a steel building.

There is no outrage from the insurance company on any of the 9-11 story. How many people have to be on this conspiracy?

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Target III

: Pentagon……………….

On 9-11-01 I was not only watching TV, I was recording it on a VCR. I never even looked at the tapes until recently, and saw some pretty weird stuff:

At 12:16 p.m. EDT ABC’s John McWethy at Pentagon:

eye witness says he saw airplane "directly over his head" it was an American Airlines plane- he could see the number on the plane and almost see passengers inside. It went along the highway and "started clipping off the high wires and the different light poles on the highway and slammed directly into the side of the Pentagon". It penetrated into the A ring of the Pentagon. Its in to the inner most ring. "the roof has collapsed Peter, there is a chasm in the side of the Pentagon that is probably

200 or 300 foot across"


The Pentagon is 5 stories above ground. Fires are still burning. Witness: airplane went right over the top of my car.

The video then cuts to footage of the Pentagon while McWethy is still talking- and the so called ‘chasm’ is a hole less in width than the Pentagon is tall. It appears to be 40 feet wide, this AFTER the roof had collapsed. I was left wondering: What did this area of the Pentagon look like before the collapse of the roof?

AT 6:39 p.m. EDT CBS briefly showed footage of the Pentagon BEFORE the roof collapsed. There were flames coming from a hole that is clearly smaller than the 40 foot wide opening, which was showed by ABC and CBS, AFTER the roof collapsed.

The obvious question is this: how big is this ‘impact’ hole before the roof collapsed?

I estimate the hole at 20 feet. McWethy is referring to the hole AFTER the roof fell- and calling it 300 feet. He gives the casual listener the impression there was a chasm 300 feet wide.

Some people say that a missile hit the Pentagon and that the hole it made was 16 feet across.

There is no photographic evidence of anything hitting the Pentagon. No identifiable airliner debris, no missile pieces.

A Boeing 757 is about 140 feet wide and could not leave a "16 foot hole". The wings would be laying on the yard and the aircraft would leave identifiable pieces- as with many other crashes.

11:34 a.m.EDT (after the ‘plane’ hit the Pentagon):- ABC. Peter Jennings is talking to reporter Barbara Star at Pentagon[audio only]:

(Star)- "I am standing outside the Pentagon. About 10 or 15 minutes ago we saw 50 to 75 military personnel move onto the helipad. They are stri[unint] volunteers. They have been assembled to go in and recover any ah.. potentially dead and or wounded and we have talked to an eye witness who was down on the helipad earlier this morning where the fire is of course still on going. He reported seeing more than a dozen wounded personnel earlier this morning . We have seen ambulances carrying people off. About an hour ago we saw emergency medical personnel [map of Potomac appears on screen] bringing out a woman and a small child in their arms. So the situation here remains quite unsettled."

Jennings: "ah, ay, wha- could you describe a little more generally what unsettled mean? Is it calm, is it chaos?

Star: "We- we have had periods of what could only be described as chaos [11:35:07] about 15 minutes ago security personnel came through again and told us to start running, to move back, there was another aircraft moving up the Potomac River from the south at a high rate of speed. Well, that apparently did not occur and we have now moved back to our original camera position. So the police are quite, uh at a point of quite high tension here this morning and any little ripple is having them move people back- stay away from the building, they are extremely concerned about another attack and an additional explosion, they are taking every precaution."

Jennings: "understandable"

Fire-trucks are pouring water on it, he believes explosions on the 5th floor, he believes that is where the impact occurred." [we are shown ONLY footage from afar- and from the backside- no direct view]

10:04 p.m. EDT CBS says ‘the plane that hit the Pentagon was in the air for one hour and 18 minutes

On February 15th, 2005 the PBS television show ‘Frontline’ ran a piece on Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. PBS showed a few frames of the so-called ‘impact’ of the airplane that is reported to have hit the Pentagon. There is a pre-impact still photo and then a couple after impact- with a huge fireball blowing into the sky. There is no evidence of anything actually hitting the Pentagon.

In this same piece we are shown footage taken from ground level very near to the Pentagon and we can see much smoke, both white and black in color. However, a green tree is directly between the camera and the point of this ‘impact’, so we can not see any details of the impact. There is a mini-van in the center of the photo and we can see the helicopter pad between the mini-van and the Pentagon. Between the helipad and the Pentagon we can see at least one other

vehicle. On the next few seconds of footage we can see that the cameraman has moved too his left, a fire truck is sitting on or near the helipad and a single stream of water appears to be coming from the fire-truck to the Pentagon at an angle horizontal to the ground.

A few seconds later the cameraman zooms in on the fire truck and the number ‘61’ is visible on its driver’s door. Now we see two streams of water coming from the truck, flames in the ground floor windows behind the truck. A man with brown pants, a white shirt and tie and a woman with a purse over her left shoulder- both walking around near the truck. A 6-foot tall wire spool is still upright on the grass near the point of impact.

There are no large pieces of debris on the ground in any of these shots- certainly no aircraft wreckage.

Another reporter [find it]on ABC says that he sees no plane fuselage anywhere. Another says the impact occurred at the 5th floor, one says impact near the Pentagon, one says impact in the Helicopter pad on the lawn. Later footage from a helicopter shows that the only damage was on the outer ring.

It seems obvious that no 757 jumbo jet hit the Pentagon. The news media was being secretive about the point of impact with almost no close-up footage until after the roof had collapsed. If a jumbo jet really did hit the Pentagon, you might think the roof would disintegrate on impact. ABC and others claim a mysterious 5th plane was coming "up the Potomac"- so all news media had to retreat from the point of impact. No 5th plane came up the Potomac

Unfortunately for the perpetrators of this crime- CNN and CBS news aired close-up footage of the hole before the roof collapsed. We also viewed helicopter footage of the Pentagon- only two hours after the roof collapsed.

There is no plane!

ABC, CBS etc and the Pentagon need to held accountable for their actions –or lack thereof.







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America’s biggest take a dive……

We all saw it over and over and over: the tallest buildings in New York City get hit by a single plane each and somehow….. they both collapse inward….and were demolished!

Why wouldn’t they fall over like a tree? The area that was damaged was ¾ of the way up- why wouldn’t it just break off there and fall like a tree? Instead, there were 20 or 30 floors that stayed intact- above the point of impact- and somehow these 20 floors fell straight down through the middle of the building. It was as though the exact middle of the building somehow disappeared and continued disappearing all the way down the building. What was clearing these floors out in front of the 20 intact stories?

To top it off- this strange occurrence happened twice in the same fashion- even though the planes very clearly did not hit each building in the same location. How could this be?

I was listening to the shortwave radio at 8am MDT on September 11th. Alex Jones was on the air. What is he doing on so early? I hadn’t yet heard of the Attack. Alex was covering the story, but I thought it was a joke. By the time I turned on the TV, both buildings had collapsed. Before I got the VCR running- I heard the news reporters say that the missing planes had taken off from Boston and New York and that there were 13 minutes between each take off. 13 minutes each? What a coincidence! I never heard that report again.

At 11 am EDT there was still a missing plane and Dan Rather was saying the missing plane was heading for Washington. I wondered how he knew that information. I popped a 6 hour tape in the VCR and figured I’d watch the channel that I was not recording on that fateful morning in 2001:

11:06:30 am EDT CBS Dan Rather reported that Flight 93 went

down "in the vicinity of Camp David" [Maryland

Presidential retreat]

11:14:00 am EDT CBS reporting a plane crashed "near the

Pentagon" says AP and that a’4th explosion has rocked

the remains of the WTC.

11:22:00 am EDT-CBS- Bomb next to PS-89, Byron Pitts: "ankle

deep soot" payroll checks 5 blocks from WTC.

11:31:00 am EDT Jim Stewart: ‘Gov dusting off plans it would

use in a nuclear attack. Stewart calls this "bizarre".

11:49:30 am EDT ABC: Boeing 767 emergency landing in


11:58:20 am EDT ABC American Airlines news conference from

Dallas FT.W airport. [unseen news reporter asks about

some implosion and an unnamed man in a suit says]: "we

here cancelled the implosion party set for this Saturday

and we will go from here". Jennings does not know who

the men wearing suits were. A plane is missing in


12:32:50 pm EDT ABC’s John Miller: NYC "being patrolled by

F-16s with instruction to shoot down any errant aircraft".

The same orders in place for WDC.

12:46:00 pm EDT Diane Sawyer: WTC "eerie silence of mournful

foliage…paper just wafting out in all directions.. so

mysterious .. some 3 miles out…. way across the river".

Peter Jennings: we’re all confused. 50 known aircraft still

in the sky.

1:08:00 pm EDT ABC: airplane that crashed outside Pittsburgh

may have been on it’s way to Camp David

1:15: pm EDT Dan Rather interviews

Jerome Hauer (ex-

emergency director-terrorism expert): "signature of Bin

laden". But premature at this time

"Collapse of this magnitude with…. that is still burning …

ah more than likely the result of both jet fuel and ah the

gas that was in the building." … "Potential collapse of

another building next door"


The fire was so fierce that it buckled the entire structure and yet PAPER payroll checks are found "5 blocks away". How does paper travel 5 blocks?

We also heard the story of how the hijackers carried their real ID cards- not some fake IDs- with them on the planes. The IDs survived the impact of the plane, the explosion and the fireball that supposedly knocked down a 110-story building. Then the IDs miraculously wafted down through all this fire and landed on the street where the cops could find it.

How silly of these hijackers to carry their own IDs! And how lucky for the police to find the legible identifying papers!

The floating ID story didn’t play well with the listeners. Young people told me they thought this was a ridiculous story. The media removed this story quickly and I never saw it again on mainstream TV. But many people still remember this dubious story.

Can kerosene melt steel?

We hear all kinds of ‘facts’ about the melting temperature of steel buildings. My dictionary says 2700 degrees. I also hear that kerosene (jet fuel) burns at 1200 to 1800 degrees.

Many ‘debunker’ people argue over these temperatures. I have to ask myself ‘does an automobile engine melt from the heat of gas or kerosene?’

Several debunkers have stated: Ok, kerosene can’t melt steel. But the heated steel beams expanded and bent down slightly. This act popped the rivets loose. When the rivets popped, the building weakened enough to collapse.

Really! How long would all that take? 900 feet of steel is crumbled o the ground in 10 seconds. With all these bending and popping actions, one would guess that this would take some time, a lot more than 10 seconds! It seems that 10 seconds would be more like a free-fall speed. How long would a bowling ball take to travel 800-900 feet?

Next I viewed the collapse- over and over and noticed that beams and debris we squirting outward and upward. Where does the upward motion come from? Perhaps the pieces are bouncing off the floor- in the millisecond before it disappears. Hmm…That doesn’t sound right to me.

We also see what appears to be a cannon, or many cannons- firing straight out of the building. Smoke pops out like a shotgun blast. They look like small explosions, many of them. What are they?

Later we saw footage of a giant mushroom cloud before right the collapse.

The source was probably from the base of one of the buildings. The cloud of smoke billows up the side of the WTC Towers. Then it collapses.

What Hell is going on here? Something stinks!

My opinion is simply a guess from an uneducated witness. What do the experts say?

January 4, 2002 Firefighter Magazine –Bill Manning: ‘ the impact and fire were not enough to bring down the WTC’.

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usama cin laden


Within hours of the Attack the mainstream media outlets were reporting that usama cin laden was the main suspect. [let those with wisdom read the name]. The media offered no evidence other than ‘former’ government agents testifying: "has the mark of Bin Laden". In the days to come, Condoleeza Rice and others would claim that the authorities had no idea that anyone would hijack airplanes and crash them into the WTC. Perhaps the Administration should have asked how CBS/ABC news found out that the culprit was Osama Bin Laden/ubl.


Now add this story from prisonplanet.com :

Condoleezza Rice Warned Sept. 6 About Imminent Terror Attack

: Five days before Sept. 11, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was warned that a terrorist attack inside the United States was imminent, a former U.S. senator who headed up a blue-ribbon commission on terrorism revealed late Tuesday.

Why is Condoleeza Rice telling two stories?

Who is this Osama Bin Laden?

An article by

By Michael Moran

MSNBC NEW YORK, Aug. 24, 1998: Osama Bin Laden is a CIA asset used to fight the Russian takeover of Afghanistan in 1979. He was in the MAK militia group, the Mujahadeen militia group and founded the Al Quida militia.

Many researchers believe that

Osama never broke his connection to the CIA and point to the curious airlift of the Bin Laden family, a few days after 9-11-01. Bin Ladens in the U.S. were allowed to board jet-liners. This airlift was during a time when non-military American citizens were NOT allowed to fly.

Also curious was Bin Laden’s failure to give some kind of indication that he was going to hit the WTC, a boast that would settle for all time- the debate about who was actually pulled off 9-11.

One might speculate that if OBL were indeed the culprit, why he would not remove his family from the U.S. prior to the attack? It seems as though OBL was of unaware of the date or place of the attack.

The U.S. mainstream media has been silent about the motives for the 9-11 attack, saying only that it was done by Osama Bin Laden, the radical Moslem. Who are the soldiers of the Al Quida network and where are they based?


LONDON [IANS]: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) worked in tandem with Pakistan to create the "monster" that is today Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban, a leading US expert on South Asia said here.

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Loose Ends
Many researchers have heard the story of Silverstein’s giant windfall from insuring the WTCs. In August of 2008 the National Institute of Science and Technolgy decided that WTC 7 came down from fire alone. Silverstein said ‘they made the decision to pull it’. Where is the Fire chief stating that they could not dowse the fires in Seven? If this modern steel frame building was COMPLETELY destroyed by fires on 3 floors only- are other buildings safe? Why would any insurance company pay off the insured under these circumstances? Back to top Summary

-Your taxes have been raised because of 9-11-01

-Your liberties have been reduced because of 9-11

-3000 of your countrymen have died because of 9-11

-Your country attacked Afghanistan & Iraq because of 9-11

-3500 additional American servicemen have died because

of 9-11 and other related reasons

-Tens of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children have

died because of the Attack of 9-11-01.

If 9-11 NEVER happened, would the U.S. have attacked Afghanistan or Iraq? Would the ‘Patriot’ Act have passed?

There are many questions that have yet to be answered.
We need an honest investigation. I hereby call for a truly independent investigation of the events of September 11th, 2001. The panel will be chosen by the researchers of the 911 Truth Movement and NOT by a government who may itself be investigated. The focal point of this Movement can been found at internet websites called infowars.com and scholars for 911 truth. A panel of investigators shall be drawn from the entire body/patrons of these websites. The panel will prepare and present 9-11 information to the American People through conventional news networks (ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC etc). The President of the United States, the Chief Officer of the Air Force, CIA and the Mayor of New York City shall be given ample time to respond to these inquiries.







*Click here to send the 9-11 Commission to the Recycling Bin

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Join the fight! We can Change the world. You have already started, probably long ago. Research the information. Become an information Outpost. Demand a new investigation. Tell them:


We saw what you did and you WILL be held accountable

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World Trade Center


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