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Win a Nokia N80 just blogging with us before 12th july 

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What does "blogging" mean?

    Just writting a blog.


I am still lost, what is a "blog"?

    A blog is a personal web site, where you (the author and owner) write posts (articles) from time to time (frequency is up to you), talking about whatever you want. It is known that blogs represent the newest broadcasting communication channel. Anybody with Internet connexion can read your blog and leave you some comments in it. 


Ok, then... how can I get a blog?

    If you decide you want to take part in the BlogsAzules draw (blogging with us) write to...

    ...and we will create a free blog for you at You will receive a mail telling you the blog url, the user and the password. You will also receive a mini-guide with the basic blogging instructions, so it will be really easy for you to start writting.

    If you already have your own blog, just tell us the url and you will take part in the draw.


Hey, but... what topic can I write about?

    It is known that everybody has a journalist inside, so you just have to find out what kind of journalist you are: daily events, opinion, politics, technology,... That depends on you. Being a blogger requires only one thing: "having fun writting".

    Anyway, you can visit some advice through this link: 10 main rules. The most important: "Talk about whatever you want, but always with common sense". 


Once I become a blogger, am I taking part in the Nokia N80 draw?

    One last requirement:

    -before 12th july we hope you write as many posts as you consider, but you must include one post talking about Nokia (our sponsor) and another one talking about Azules (our Internet community). You can write about news you just read, personal experiences, fantasy tales,... anything you like! 

    All "azules" bloggers will take part in the draw, and they will appear on the site:

    In there, you will find a blog list and the latest posts published in any of these blogs.

     On wednesday 12th july we will celabrate a meeting similar to Beers&Blogs at Bordiú52, and we will know the name of the lucky blogger. We will meet some Nokia representative and, of course, we would be very happy if you all could attend (tell also your friends). Leave your name at this wiki.